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File No: 08-02-002

Location: Suscon Rd, Pittston Twp, Luzerne County, PA 



Investigation Date and Duration: 
August 1st, 2008   Arrive 8:00Pm / Depart 10:00Pm  


Location Condition:
Wooded and open farmland. Areas concentrated on were a clearing in a semi-wooded area, referred to as clearing #1, and a series of paths that led to and from a second clearing, referred to as clearing #2.




Reported Activity:

Strange, tingly, static electricity-like sensations have been felt by the family in a particular part of this field, along with camera malfunctions in other areas. In some photos taken in this location, the family has reported skull-like images that appear in the pictures and a face of a male that looks like Einstein appears in two photos. The family feels that whatever may be there is not a positive presence.




Digital Cameras                                               

Digital Voice Recorders

EMF gauge 

Camcorders w/ night shot

IR Boosters



Investigators Present:                                 




Technical Notes:                               



Location Weather:

Warm and dry - moonlit after dark



EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Audio:
Recorder #1 “Digital” – No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation. 
 Recorder was mobile with investigators and used for EVP sessions.


No evidentiary video captured.



Many  photographs were taken during this investigation. A thorough analysis of all pictures produced several photographs with anomalous objects. Several of the pictures had "orbs", which in this instance were clearly created by bugs and vegetation particles circulating in the air. No photos of evidential value were discovered.



EMF (Electro Magnetic Field):
Expected EMF readings of zero were measured in this location.




Investigator Feelings / Experiences
Mark Some chills in back left corner of clearing #1, near a stump that sits back from a burn pit.
Lauren None
Rich - None




Although we enjoyed conducting a all outdoor investigation in great weather, no evidence of anything paranormal was discovered on this visit. The PPA will continue to work with the family and return during an earlier part of the day on a future date to take daylight readings and photos for comparison with family photos.



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