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File No: 08-07-007

Location: Quakertown – Bucks County, PA

Investigation Date and Duration:
October 25th, 2008   Arrive 6:30 PM / Depart 12:20 AM  


Reported Activity:
Recently after moving in to this home, the family began to hear strange noises, such as the sound of doors opening and closing and general rustling and walking noises coming from the 1st floor. The sounds sometimes appeared to be coming from the basement and, other times, from the 3rd floor. The client has gone into the basement and reports that a door to a storage room will be open when she knows it was closed tightly with objects in front of it. The objects also are reported to be moved. On the other side of the basement, a pull-string light is reported to turn on and off by itself. An AM/FM radio on the 2nd floor had turned on by itself while the power button remained in the off position. All of the young children refuse to sleep in their bedrooms and there are claims that the three month old baby is extremely uncomfortable in her crib only after moving into this house. One of the clients also claims to have witnessed a male apparition in the basement.






The photo to the left shows the basement area where a pull-string light turns on and off by itself. The photo to the right is where a basement storage room door opens by itself. An apparition of a man has also been seen in this room. 




Location Status:
Occupied residential property in close proximity to neighboring houses. This is a three bedroom, two story house with a basement and  attic space converted into living quarters.



DVR System with four IR cameras 
Digital Cameras (2)
Digital Voice Recorders (4)
EMF gauge (3)
PC Computer 

r (1) 
Camcorders w/ night shot (2)
IR Boosters (3)

Motion Sensor (1)

Investigators Present:
Mark          Lauren
Tim           Chris   

Guest Investigators:


Finished attic area where sounds were heard by investigators during the investigation from the floor below.

Location Weather:
Moderate wind and on and off rain.




Technical Notes:




EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Audio:

Recorder #1 (Digital – basement)  No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation. Recorder was stationary in the back room of the basement where the entry is from front room.

Recorder #2 (Digital – 1st floor)  Recorder was stationary on the TV cabinet in the living room.
EVP Possible embedded voice whispering behind normal conversation was captured on this device at 11:04 PM. Lauren, Mark and the client can be heard talking at the time this was recorded. The EVP can be heard about 7.5 seconds into this clip.

Recorder #3 (Digital – 2nd Floor)  No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation. 
Recorder was stationary in the 2nd floor hallway. 

Recorder #4 (Digital – mobile)  No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation. Recorder was mobile with investigators and used for EVP sessions.


DVR Cam1
- (Basement, back room facing in to the right storage room) No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam2 - (Basement, front room) No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam3 - (2nd floor baby’s bedroom) No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam4 - (2nd floor child’s bedroom) No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.





No photos of evidential value were discovered.



Here you see the area of the living room and stairs to the second floor where we measured high EMF levels that were later traced back to the wiring that power the living room lights and fan.


EMF (Electro Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the buildings and outlying areas. Abnormally high levels of EMF’S were measured in the area near the front entrance door and living room area near the couch and stairway to the second floor, along with the baby’s room on the 2nd floor, in the area of the crib. Constant readings of 4 to 6 milligauss were measured with little fluctuation. No abnormal readings were present during the investigation after all lights were turned off. Nearing the end of the investigation, investigators turned on all lights, one by one, in an attempt to locate the cause of the high EMF’S measured during the initial sweep of the residence. When the switch was turned on for the ceiling fan lights, high EMF’S were again measured in the living room area and baby’s room. A second light switch on the same outlet was then activated and this increased the level of EMF’S emitted in these areas.   


Investigator Feelings / Experiences:
Mark While sitting with Lauren at the command center monitoring the DVR cameras, Mark heard what sounded like a sigh that he thought Lauren made.  Lauren confirmed that this was not her that made the sigh.

Lauren At the same time Mark heard the sigh, Lauren turned to ask Mark if he had just whispered something. Mark confirmed that it was not him. No source was found for the mutual experience.

Tim While in the basement area, off the back room in the storage room to the right, Tim felt what he thought was his necklace being tugged from behind.    

All investigators had experiences hearing sounds coming from the living room area of the house while sitting in the dining room. Sounds such as knocking, items sliding on the floor and the sound much like our DVR camera cords being dropped on the floor were all experienced coming from the living room. While in the baby’s room on the 2nd floor, Mark and Lauren also heard noises coming from the finished attic area above them.




It is a possibility that the distress the baby in this home is experiencing is being caused by sensitivity to the high levels of electro-magnetic field surrounding the crib. ThePPA recommends that the crib be moved to the other side of the room, out of the EMF field, monitor the baby’s actions thereafter and have the wiring looked at by an electrician. 

At various times throughout the investigation, investigators heard many sounds that appeared to be coming from the living room area of the house. After reviewing all the audio recording equipment, each sound that was heard and logged by investigators could be traced back to the investigation team that was present in the basement at the time. The sounds from the basement carry through the hardwood floor and echo in the living room as if the noise actually originated in the living room. Several other knocking sounds were heard that evening, but the possibility of outside contamination could not be ruled out. The source of the noises Mark and Lauren heard from the attic area could not be established. 

A possible EVP of a whisper was captured in the living room area of the home during the time both investigative teams were logged in to the command center. The command center was set up in the dining room area, which is open to the living room, and any conversation that took place would be recorded by the living room audio recorder. We can not totally rule out the possibility that the EVP was caused by one of our four investigators or one of the clients present. We had taken a short break at the time of the recording. The EVP, however, does not seem to fit with any conversation heard in the background and everyone present was instructed not to whisper during the investigation. It seems unlikely that it would have been one of the people present. 

The claims of the door opening in the basement on its own and a basement light that turns on and off by itself were looked at in depth. We were not able to find any logical explanation for these occurrences, nor did we witness them. 

The investigation conducted on this particular date gave inconclusive results for paranormal activity and no undeniable proof of a haunting was discovered. ThePPA will continue to work with this family and in no way discredits the accounts of activity that they have reported.




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