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File No: 10-17-053
The PPA Investigation at Parker House Tavern
Location:  Reading, PA - Berks County

Investigation Date and Duration:
May 29, 2010     6:30pm - 1:00am

Location Status:

Two story building containing the Genesius Theater, which is a non-profit community theater. It has a very large, full basement that now includes bathrooms, an existing bar, dressing rooms and a storage area. The back area used to contain a bowling alley and kitchen. The building was reported to hold an illegal speak easy in the lower level run by mobsters around the 1920's and rumored to be the location of at least two murders.

Reported Activity:
The clients report that activity has been witnessed for 20 to 25 years, maybe more. The activity occurs on a weekly basis all throughout the three floors of the building mainly in the late afternoon and into the evening hours. Claims of activity include items being moved from one place to another, items disappearing all together and re-appearing days later, hearing voices in many areas of the building, hearing footsteps when no one is there and lights turning off and on in front of the clients. Some people have reportedly seen apparitions, others have felt like they were being poked by something when nothing was there. In the lower dressing room, the staff report that their cell phone's batteries unexpectedly go dead. In one room in the lower level, one of the staff has been scratched by an unseen force. Strange noises are heard throughout the building and many people believe to see shadows moving with no apparent cause. These are just some of the reported activity throughout the years occurring right up to the present.

DVR System with four IR cameras
Digital Cameras(2)
Digital Voice Recorders (3) 
External Microphones (2)

EMF gauge (2)
Camcorders w/night shot (1)
Motion Sensor (2)
Thermometer (1)

Full Spectrum Camcorder (1) 
Thermal Imaging Camera (1)

Investigators Present:




Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: Normal
Solar X-Rays: Storm
PWO: Average

Moon Phase: 97% of full - Wanning Gibbous

Technical Notes: 

Outside street and traffic noise taken into consideration during review.

AUDIO and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon):
(Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

VR2 (Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in basement near the “Prohibition room”)

At 1153PM, this device captured what sounds like a high pitched female voice. The voice starts as you here Virginia laughing and completely covers Lauren's voice as she asks Virginia if she wants the light from a flashlight being used. Virginia, Lauren and Mark were present and did not hear the sound at the time it occurred. Investigator contamination was ruled out with comparison tests on a hand held camcorder that was present. No outside contamination occurred in this area of the building. The voice can be heard 5 seconds into the clip and sounds something like "hel-lo".

R3 (Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the main seating area of the theater)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1 –
(Viewing the theater main seating area and balcony areas from the stage.)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam2 - (Viewing the wood shop area)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam3 - (Viewing main basement and bar areas)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam4 - (Viewing basement dressing room)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

Camcorder #1 – (Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

Full Spectrum Camcorder – (Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

No photos of evidential value were discovered.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the building with expected spikes near electrical appliances. No anomalous readings were recorded.

Investigator Feelings / Experiences:
Mark -
Nothing to report

Lauren – While seated in the balcony seating area of the theater, Lauren kept getting tingly sensations on her arms, head and legs.

Virginia – No physical impressions to report however psychically picked up on a female energy believe to be the former director of the theater named Jane. Her presence was felt strongly throughout the whole theater. Virginia also picked up the impressions of a male energy in the basement who had been murdered and was full of rage. Virginia believed the man's name would have been Ted or Theodore. A female murder victim believed to be named Gail was also felt in the basement. She was believed to be a former employee (dancer) of the speak-easy when the building was owned by mobsters and in her early 20's. The man Virginia believes killed this girl was also believed to be present. Virginia was picking up the name Peter with this energy. Along with these energies, Virginia felt there were many other spirits that come and go through this building. Some attached to the building when it was a speak-easy, some when the building was a former meeting hall and some attached when it was the theater.

During the investigation that took place on this date, investigators had few personal experiences but Lauren did report having strange tingly feelings in the balcony seating area. These feelings are sometimes associated with paranormal activity. Areas of the building where people have reported creepy feelings, including the first and second floor rear rooms behind the stage and the basement were checked for high magnetic fields that sometimes cause these feelings. No elevated fields were found in these locations or anywhere in the building which helps rule out natural causes for the experiences. While investigating in the main room of the basement, the batteries to a flashlight had rapid battery drain and went dead. This is a claim the clients reported prior to the investigation. Battery drain is also a common occurrence in locations with paranormal activity. While investigating in the basement, investigators recorded what is believed to be an EVP or electronic voice phenomena of a female voice.

Based on the results of the physical investigation paired with correlating information from Psychic Medium Virginia Centrillo, The PPA feels there is some paranormal activity occurring at this location but additional physical evidence must be documented to establish if a true haunting is taking place from a scientific perspective.

Based on the client's concerns that there may be something negative in the basement, Virginia conducted a “cleansing” and believes she was able to successfully “cross over” the two murder victim's that she thought remained as well as several other energies that needed help. Virginia believes that there are many more spirits that remain but non that should be harmful or negative to the location or occupants and are there of their own free will.

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