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File No: 10-24-060
The PPA Investigation at Parker House Tavern
Location: Mohnton, PA - Berks County

Investigation Date and Duration:
September 3, 2010 8:30pm – 3:30am

Location Status:
Four story, three bedroom farm house, built in the late 1700's to mid 1800's, occupied by two adults, six children and two dogs. The occupants have lived at this location for two years.

Reported Activity:
The clients have reported seeing several apparitions in various rooms of the house. They have captured recordings of unexplainable noise in the attic. Two family dogs seem to stare at nothing and then react like someone is there. The clients report various objects have been moved in the home. They report hearing voices and seeing shadows in the hallway outside the bedrooms on the 3
rd floor during the night, along with many other personal experiences, such as having the feeling that they are being watched and being poked or having their hair tugged on as they sit watching TV.

DVR System with four IR cameras
Digital Cameras(1)
Digital Voice Recorders (5) 
External Microphones (2)

EMF gauge (3)
Camcorders w/night shot (3)
Motion Sensor (2)
Thermometer (1)

Full Spectrum Camcorder (1) 
Thermal Imaging Camera (1)

IR Boosters (3)

Laser Grid (1)

Laptop Computer

Investigators Present:






Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: Normal
Solar X-Rays: Quiet
PWO: Average

Moon Phase: 31% of full - Waning Crescent

Technical Notes: 

Nothing to Report

AUDIO and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon):
(Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in living room)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

VR2  (Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the basement)
At 12:07AM, this device recorded an EVP just prior to Mark talking about moving some equipment and again just after. Investigator contamination was ruled out and Mark and Bobby were the only two investigators present at the time and did not hear the voice. Comparison testing against a camcorder carried with the team clearly identify Mark and Bobby talking. However, the EVP is not present on the camcorder recording, which is a common characteristic of EVP’S. The first voice can be heard at 1-2 seconds in and the second at 5-6 seconds.

VR3 (Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the attic)
This recorder captured the sound of numerous knocks, bangs and rattling in the attic throughout the investigation. So many redundant knocks and bangs were recorded that only a sample was taken for evidential purposes. These sounds are consistent with the sounds the clients have reported hearing on lower floors when no one is present in the attic. Many of these sounds were recorded when no one was present in the house. Animal habitation and outside influences were ruled out. The noises seemed to stop when investigators were present in this area and a substantial amount of time was spent in the attic with no sounds heard or captured on the recorders during those time periods, other than the usual settling noises.

VR4 (Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the boy’s room on the 3rd floor)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

VR5 (Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the girl’s room on the  3rd floor)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1 –
(Viewing family room on the ground floor)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.
DVR Cam2 - (Viewing  2nd floor back room)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam3 - (Viewing 3rd floor master bedroom and hallway.)
This device recorded an anomaly with the laser grid reflecting off the hallway walls. At four different times within a few seconds, it appears that something moves through the grid at different directions blocking out a portion of the light. Use full screen feature for best viewing.


DVR Cam4 - (Viewing  2nd floor living room, and a portion of the kitchen)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

Camcorder #1 – (Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

Camcorder #2 – (Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

Camcorder #3 – (Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation.

Full Spectrum Camcorder – (Stationary in attic)
This device captured many of the sounds recorded on VR3 (See above). However, no movement was observed.

Thermal Imaging Camera – (Mobile with investigators)
No physical evidence captured on this device at the time of the investigation

No photos of evidential value were discovered.

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the residence with expected spikes near electrical appliances. Average baseline readings between 3.0mg to 4.0mg were measured around the entire outside perimeter of the house. The cause of the EM field was from high voltage power lines running along two sides of the home. This field radiated into the interior on all floors of the home to varying degrees. Average baselines readings included 1.2mg in the front attic area, 1.5mg in the basement area, with the highest levls in the middle of the room and near the fireplace, 1.5mg in the kitchen, 1.0mg in the second floor back room and 1.0mg in the living room, with highest levels near the kitchen entryway from the living room. The third floor bedroom areas had only slightly elevated readings.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
Mark –
Nothing to report.

Lauren – While investigating in the living room, Lauren felt like something was touching the back of her shirt while sitting on the couch with her back toward the front door. She also reported lots of prickling on her back in the living room and master bedroom areas.

Bobby - While Mark and Bobby were investigating in the living room area, both were sitting in different areas of a sectional sofa. Bobby thought Mark threw something at him, hitting him on the back. Bobby related it felt like something hit him or like a tug on his shirt. Bobby was also sitting with his back toward the front door at the time and was unaware that Lauren experienced the same thing in that spot.

Virginia (Psychic Medium) – While investigating in the master bedroom, Virginia sat on the side of the bed that the owner, Kim, sleeps on and stated at that time that it felt like someone pulled her ear very hard, causing pain. At one point, when Virginia was in the living room with Lauren and Mike, Virginia went behind Lauren while she was sitting on the couch. While Virginia was standing there, she felt what she described as a cold hand push on her lower back. After Virginia felt this push, Mike felt Virginia's back in that area and it was very cold to the touch, while the rest of her back was very hot from sitting on the couch. Virginia later reported that, while she was sitting in a bed on the right side of the attic with Lauren, she heard a growl-like sound in her ear.

Metaphysical Impressions:
Virginia psychically began picking up information on this location the night before the investigation. Virginia related a man named Samuel started to speak to her about guns and she began to smell gun powder. Samuel was not trapped. He began to show Virginia watermills and windmills and a town with water running though it, such as a stream or river. The next morning, Virginia started to get a few names and someone was calling the name “Kimberly” softly. Other names that Virginia received were Benjamin, Miller, Schreck, Schneider, Schwartz. However, she had no idea what they meant.

When Virginia got to the house, she pulled her car into the driveway and saw a woman standing on the porch to the right side of the house next to the door on the right. The woman was wearing a long dress and was looking down with hands folded in front of her. Virginia thought it was the owner, however, when she got out of the car, the woman was gone.

During the initial walk-through and while investigating, Virginia picked up on more names. Virginia related the names Lizbeth or Elizabeth, Sarah and Henry, who had something to do with Law. Sarah was talking about her parents coming to the United States on a ship like the Mayflower. In the boys room on the third floor, Virginia felt a male with head pain and believed he died from a gunshot to the head. In the master bedroom, Virginia again picked up on the name Lizbeth/Elizabeth. Virginia also felt a woman who was involved with helping to free slaves and worked with woman's suffrage. She also picked up on another male energy on the third floor who was calling out to a Kyle and a male energy that hangs out between the master bedroom and the attic. Virginia felt this was brought on by a Ouija board, possibly used by one of the prior owners to try and contact whoever was in the house or by a present occupant.

Virginia picked up again on the names Miller and Schwartz. She believed they had some loss that had to do with business and they lost everything. Virginia also believed Miller or Schwartz was in some form of government position.

Virginia received impressions that this house was the center of the town where everyone met for various functions, including meetings. She was picking up on three different Secret Societies which were connected with the house and with the name Root or Ruth, Templars, and something with Knights, but not the Knights of Columbus. Virginia felt that someone liked to bake at this location and liked the porch door to be shut when they were there and this was a male energy. She thought there were also soldiers and slaves hiding in the attic, but she was not sure why.

Virginia believed that the energies most connected with what the family was experiencing would have been the female named Sarah, Miller and Schwartz, the male energy on the third floor hallway and the man who liked baking. The man who liked baking is the one that Virginia feels shuts the door to the back room. She also believes that they acted independent of each other and may be on totally different levels themselves, all occupying the same space. Other energies may also be present in the home, but on other levels and the family may not even know they are there.

During the course of this investigation, investigators were able to document many strange noises in the attic area, above the normal settling noises, which seemed to stop completely with the presence of investigators. The attic is well sealed and rodent or bird habitation has been ruled out. No obvious cause for the noise could be found. Investigators were also able to document one EVP and recorded one laser grid anomaly during the night. Most investigators had personal experiences that back up the client's claims of being touched or poked while sitting on the living room couch. At one point in the investigation, Virginia heard what she described as a growl sound while investigating in the attic. This correlates with a recording of a growl-like sound provided by the clients prior to the investigation. Due to PPA protocols while using psychics, Virginia was not provided that information prior to or during the investigation. Taking into consideration these facts, combined with client accounts, the high internal and external electro-magnetic fields acting as a type of paranormal generator and the metaphysical information backed up by historical facts we were able to verify, The PPA believes that paranormal activity is occurring at this location. The PPA finds it probable that both a residual and physical haunting are most likely taking place.

At the clients request, Psychic Medium Virginia Centrillo conducted a cleansing of the space and believes some of the trapped Souls left and a few wanted to stay. Others were not trapped at all and were just visiting. With the 200 plus years of history at this location, much of the activity is ingrained in the environment here and may always remain.

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