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File No: 11-04-070
The PPA Investigation
Location: West Chester, PA - Chester County

Investigation Date and Duration:
February 26, 2011 6:00pm – 12:30am

Location Status:
Occupied two story residence

Reported Activity:
Since moving in over 17 years ago, the clients have experienced sporadic activity during all times of the day. Reports of activity include hearing voices, seeing black figures, people walking past beds at night and more recently very vivid dreams. The clients report hearing doors open and the dogs go running to the door but there is no one there. One of he family dogs sits in front of the basement door at night and just stares down the steps but will not go into the basement. When the clients can get him to go down into the basement, he will not stay down there.  By having an investigation, the clients hope to gain an understanding of what is there and why this activity is occuring.

DVR System with four IR cameras
Digital Camera (1)
Digital Voice Recorders (5)
EMF gauge (3)
Camcorder w/ night shot (2)
Thermometer (1)
IR Boosters (2)
Motion Sensors (2)

Investigators Present:





Virginia (Psychic Medium)

Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: Normal
Solar X-Rays: Quiet
PWO:  Average

Moon Phase:  32% of full – Waning Crescent

Technical Notes: 
- Nothing to report

VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Control Device at command
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in kitchen
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary on second floor at the top of the staircase
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in master bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1:
Viewing master bedroom
DVR Cam2
: Viewing son's bedroom
DVR Cam3
Viewing garage
DVR Cam4
: Viewing foyer and living room
Camcorder #1:
Stationary at top of stairs
Camcorder #2: 
Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.

No photos of evidential value were discovered.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the home with expected spikes near electrical appliances.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
 While Lauren was in the son's bedroom with Kelly, Lauren heard a man's voice.  Lauren immediately contacted command to see if Jim, who was the only man in the house, had been speaking.  Jim verified that no one had said anything and all was quiet.  No one at command heard the voice.  Additionally, the voice did not appear on audio.

Jim:  While setting up for the investigation, Jim believed he saw a young  man on the step in the foyer.  He first thought it to be a resident of the home, but upon further checking, the boys were not in that area at the time.

Kelly:  Nothing to report

Nicole:  Nothing to report

Psychic Impressions:
While walking around the home with client, Virginia confirmed the activity that she was feeling and seeing. The client was seeing a little boy around the first floor and basement area and Virginia felt this boy was from the farm that was part of their property. In the master bedroom/boy's bedrooms, Virginia felt there was a dark figure roaming around who was a lost Soldier from the Civil War.

The client is very gifted and wanted to learn how to release the lost souls that were trapped in her home. The Client, with the guidance and assistance of Virginia, conducted a releasal of the Earthbound spirits. Upon completion, the Client reported the home feeling very peaceful. Due to the client's gift and being a Nurse working in areas where death frequently occurs, she will always experience the Paranormal. The Client's goal is to learn how to harness and work with the gift she always knew she had.

Based on the personal experiences which the investigators had during the investigation, we concur with the homeowners that there is something occurring at this location. However, no physical evidence was documented. After reviewing Virginia’s findings in the home, we do know that there is, indeed, spirit activity in the home. The Investigators were not able to find logical explanations for the experiences they had at the home, nor the accounts of the homeowners.

From a metaphysical perspective, Virginia not only believes there were active spirits in the home, but that the client is open and sensing this activity on a psychic level. The client confirmed this. Virginia assisted the client in releasing the Earthbound spirits. Virginia feels this cleansing was successful, although, being that the client is open, she will always see and hear things beyond the normal human capacity and in many areas outside her home, as well.

The PPA recommends that Cindy continue to follow through with Virginia’s recommendations.

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