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File No: 11-08-074
The PPA Investigation at Inn at Jim Thorpe
Location:  Swoyersville, PA - Luzerne County

Investigation Date and Duration:
April 15, 2011 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Location Status:
Two story, three bedroom private residence

Reported Activity:

The clients have reported activity revolving mainly around one particular person in the home and mostly in the front, second floor bedroom. Experiences include having the feeling that someone is present in the bedroom, the feeling that someone just sat down on the bed and seeing a physically impression when that happens. The client has reported items going missing and turning up later and a general uneasiness.

The clients hope to gain an understanding of what is happening at their home and whoever may be present to leave. The clients 24 year old daughter is scared to sleep in this particular bedroom on some nights and wants to alleviate that problem.

Digital Voice Recorders (1)
EMF gauge (3)
Camcorder w/ night shot (1)
Thermometer (2)

Investigators Present:



Virginia (Psychic Medium

Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: M Class Flare
Solar X-Rays: Quiet
PWO:  Not Available

Moon Phase:  93% of full – Waxing Gibbous

Technical Notes: 
- Nothing to report

VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.

Camcorder #1
Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.

No photos of evidential value were discovered.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the building with expected spikes near electrical appliances. No anomalous EMF spikes were detected.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
Nothing to report
Nothing to report
Nothing to report

Psychic Impressions:

When Virginia initially arrived at this home, her attention was drawn towards the backyard where she and saw/felt a male presence moving around the yard and garage. Virginia sensed that the yard was important to this male. When Virginia entered the home and as she stood in living room, Virginia looked straight back to the Kitchen and saw the energy of an older gentlemen who was well dressed. He was walking around the kitchen looking confused. During this time Virginia picked up the name John then the initials J.G. Virginia felt this man did a lot of work in the yard and loved the house. Virginia also felt this man, John G. owned the home and was trapped because of the love he had for the home and yard. This information was confirmed by the owner and her daughter. As Virginia began the initial walk through of the home, Virginia went upstairs to the Daughter’s room where Virginia said most of the energy/activity was. Virginia stated this is where John G. would go and shake the daughter’s bed and try to get her attention. This also was confirmed by the daughter and her Mother. Virginia also felt this was the room that John G. passed away in. John G. was confused and wanted to know who the daughter was and where his rose garden went. Virginia also picked up on some other names that were once associated with the home including Maxine, Arthur and Mary.


The PPA conducted a very low-key and shortened investigation of this residence to try and ascertain what may be going on in the home. Investigators were able to rule out natural causes for the experiences such as electromagnetic fields or mistaken events causing false impressions of a haunting. The PPA was not able to document any physical activity during the investigation however, the clients were reporting mostly non-physical experiences.

The information that Virginia provided in regards to the activity that was taking place and by who, was verified by the family and consistent with information that Kelly, The PPA Historical Research Director, identified. The PPA, Virginia and the family conducted a clearing ceremony to convince John G. that his home is well loved and that the clients love the home also and will take care of it.  Virginia stated that knowing this, the Spirit of John G. was greeted by his wife and dog and all 3 spirits went into the light. Virginia stated that as a little closing note to the family, John G. said he will come back and visit the home from time to time. If this occurs, John G. will most likely be on a much higher vibrational level and the family may not even know he is there. The PPA will continue to monitor the residence for any further activity.

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