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File No: 11-14-080
Location:  Zionsville, PA - Lehigh County

Investigation Date and Duration:
July 30, 2011 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Location Status:
Occupied two story, four bedroom, modern Victorian-style residence built approx 14 years ago.

Reported Activity:
The client's daughter and grandchildren saw an apparition of the client's husband, who had passed away a few years earlier. The client's dogs turn their heads and look at something and growl. The family has witnessed a dark shadow figure, heard noises in the upstairs bedroom, including creaking floors, while no one was present in that room. A door has opened by itself and, when the client's daughter was in the bathroom, she would put something down and it would disappear. Later, the item would appear somewhere else. Music CD's would sometimes fly off the shelf. The client's sister was at the home on one occasion and saw a woman walk through the hallway. The client also reported taking pictures of her daughter and orbs would appear in many of the photos. By having an investigation conducted, the clients were hoping to identify what was present in their home and to rid the home of any further activity.

DVR System with four IR cameras
Digital Camera (1)
Digital Voice Recorders (7)
EMF gauge (4)
Camcorder w/ night shot (2)
Thermometer (1)
Thermal Imaging Camera (1)
Laptop Computer
IR Boosters (4)
Motion Sensors (2)
Full Spectrum Camcorder (1)

Laser Grid (2)

Investigators Present:





Virginia (Psychic Medium)

Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: M Class Falre
Solar X-Rays: Quiet
PWO:  Average

Moon Phase:  0% of full – New Moon

Technical Notes: 
Nothing to report

VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in master bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the basement work room
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the formal living room
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the family room
- Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators
- Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators
- Digital Voice Recorder: Control device at command

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1 -
Viewing master bedroom
DVR Cam2
- Viewing partial basement
DVR Cam3
- Viewing the formal living room, foyer area and central staircase
DVR Cam4
- Viewing family room, kitchen and partial dining room
Camcorder #1
Mobile with investigators
Camcorder #2
Mobile with investigators
Thermal Imaging Camera
Viewing second floor hallway and partial master bedroom
Full Spectrum Camcorder
– Mobile with Investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.

No photos of evidential value were discovered. However, investigators were able to create “orbs” in many areas of the home by blowing up dust particles from the floor, drapes, bed coverings and other areas. It is believed that this is what the clients have viewed in many personal photos.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the building, with expected spikes near electrical appliances. No anomalous EMF spikes were detected. Elevated readings were detected in the basement near the electrical box and forced air system.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
Nothing to report

Jim- Nothing to report

Nicole- Nothing to report

Kelly- Nothing to report

Virginia- Nothing to report

Psychic Impressions:
When Virginia first walked onto the property, she began to feel American Indian Spirits moving in and out of the home and the land. Virginia also felt and heard the voices of a bloody massacre that had occurred in the past between the Indians and Settlers. Virginia felt that most of this was of a residual nature.

As Virginia walked the home, she felt a male energy and female energy in the home who were making their presence known to the client’s daughter and grandchildren. As Virginia proceeded with her investigation of the home, the male entity identified himself as the client’s husband who passed away and was trapped by his own guilt and was searching for forgiveness.

During the investigation, Virginia was able to identify the female energy as the mother the client's late husband. The Grandmother was not trapped. She is only waiting on her son to cross over. Another female that Virginia picked up was a school teacher, from the late 1800’s, who was very protective of the Children in the home.

Virginia felt that the client’s adult daughter is very open and has been seeing and feeling spirit since she was a little girl. Virginia believes the father likes trying to communicate with her and feels close to the family through her. Virginia felt that when both were ready to let go, that’s when the father may cross over and begin his healing, as will his daughter and family.

During the investigation on this particular date, investigators did not document any physical activity or have any personal experiences. Historical research and family verification confirmed the information that psychic medium, Virginia Centrillo, provided. The PPA finds the witnesses to be quite credible and was not able to find alternative explanations for the physical activity which was reported. The family also verified that the client’s daughter was quite psychically open. Scientifically, there was no evidence to support or dismiss that a haunting was occurring at this residence.

From a metaphysical perspective, Virginia felt strongly that several spirits were present at this location and were being witnessed by the family. At the families request, and with the help of The PPA , Virginia crossed over many spirits that were attached to the land and home. During the night, Virginia was in constant communication with the father who passed, trying to help him cross over. During this time, Virginia felt that the father’s brother, who had previously crossed over, came to help his brother to do the same. Virginia felt that a lower vibrational entity was attached to the father because of his personality traits that the family was also picking up on in the home. Virginia believed that she was able to move that entity along and once the father had crossed over, the entity would not return. Due to the history of the area and the daughter’s openness to spirit, Virginia has given the family instruction on how to keep the energies up in their home. Book recommendations were also provided to the daughter for development of her gift. The PPA will continue to monitor the residence for any additional activity. As of the time of this report, the clients have indicated that the house has been very quiet with only a few small incidents within the first few days after the investigation was conducted, which was expected.

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