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File No: 11-17-083
Location:  Pittston, PA - Luzerne County

Investigation Date and Duration:
September 10, 2011 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Location Status:
Two story, three bedroom residence, built in 1900 and occupied by two adults, five children, two cats and a dog.

Reported Activity:
The clients reported the activity has been occurring for the past two years, almost on a daily basis with the peek activity time being between 11:00pm and 12:00am. The clients report things get moved,they hear voices, having electronics and toys turning off and on by themselves. The clients have captured voices on their own recorders, have had orbs appear in photos and have seen an apparitions of a man and a little girl. The clients have also heard growling inside the house in the dining room area. By having an investigation, the clients hope to have the activity stopped.

Equipment Utilized:
DVR System with four IR cameras
Digital Camera (1)
Digital Voice Recorders (7)
EMF gauge (3)
Camcorder w/ night shot (2)
Thermometer (1)
Thermal Imaging Camera (1)
Laptop Computer
IR Boosters (3)
Motion Sensors (2)
Full Spectrum Camcorder (1)
Laser Grid (2)

Investigators Present:




Virginia (Psychic Medium)

Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: M Class Flare
Solar X-Rays: Storm
PWO:  High

Moon Phase:  98% of full – Waxing Gibbous

Technical Notes: 
Nothing to report

VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in dining room
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in first floor hallway
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the second floor master bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the second floor small bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the basement
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary outside dining room window
- Digital Voice Recorder: Control device at command

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1
Viewing dining room and living room
DVR Cam2
- Viewing kitchen and staircase
DVR Cam3
- Viewing master bedroom and second floor hallway
DVR Cam4
- Viewing small, second floor bedroom
Camcorder #1
Mobile with investigators
Camcorder #2
Mobile with investigators
Thermal Imaging Camera
Stationary in basement
Full Spectrum Camcorder
– Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.

No photos of evidential value were discovered.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the building, with expected spikes near electrical appliances. Elevated readings were measured in the basement area coming from the furnace. Levels were so high they maxed out the EMF meters. High levels were also measured near windows with window fans installed.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
Mark and Virginia-
While Mark and Virginia were in the basement, the family dog that was secured outside during the investigation kept barking quite frequently. Virginia made a comment that if any spirit was present, could they go outside and make the dog stop barking. The dog did in fact stop barking for an extended period of time.

Jim and Nicole- While Jim and Nicole were present in the basement, the family dog that was secured outside during the investigation, once again kept barking. Jim made a comment that if any spirit was present, could they go outside and make the dog stop barking. The dog, once again, stopped barking for an extended period of time. Only during investigation analysis did both teams realize this mutual event had occurred.

Psychic Impressions:
When Virginia first walked into the home, she immediately felt something to do with coal mining, underground and to the right side of the home. The homeowners confirmed this. As Virginia started the walk-though of the home, she picked up a female entity who had hung herself and was close to the father of the home while alive. This female entity was with a male who also took his life. Virginia felt they were both Earthbound. Virginia also felt that there was an abundance of family members present who have passed on but were not Earthbound. They come and go as they please. Virginia continued to point out where she felt activity in the home was occurring and provided names of loved ones that have passed on which the clients confirmed. During the investigation, Virginia picked up on a coal minor present in the home named Adolf but felt he was not Earthbound. PPA Historical Research Directory, Kelly Kalb was able to locate an Adolf with the client's last name through census records who was in fact a coal minor and believed to be the clients Great Grandfather confirming Virginia's information. As the night went on, Virginia picked up on a lot of residual energy, again on the right side of the home, like a mine shaft was still active but this was not harmful to the family, just noisy and a startling at times.

During this particular investigation on this date, investigators were not able to document any activity that would be considered paranormal. Investigators were able to identify several locations with very high electromagnetic fields that would account for some uneasy and creepy feelings the family was having in certain areas. These high fields should be considered any time someone feels “creeped out” in those areas. The PPA was also able to take a look at the clients photos containing orbs and it is the opinion of The PPA that the orb like objects in the photos are caused by common household dust and not a result of anything paranormal. Although PPA members had an unusual occurrence with the dog barking being stopped when asked, there is no concrete way to know why that occurred or if it was coincidence, although, admittedly a rare occurrence happening two times in a row on demand. The PPA was not able to dismiss many other reports the clients had and at this time, the investigation was not able to prove or completely rule out a haunting.

Metaphysically, Psychic Medium Virginia Centrillo picked up on almost all the activity the clients were reporting and confirmed that the mom of the household was sensitive as well as their daughter. Virginia believes that the clients were picking up on deceased relatives who come and go, residual energy and two Earthbound spirits that would have been causing much of the physical activity. During the investigation, Virginia heard several times, the sound of a man clearing his throat and believes that was the growling noise the clients have reported hearing on their own. Virginia does not believe anything harmful would come from what the clients thought was a growl.

At the end of the investigation, Virginia helped cross over the male and female entity that had taken their lives. Virginia explained to the mom of the house that she herself is very open to spirit and needs to learn how to harness this gift because her daughter is also very open and picks up on all that the mother sees. The mom did confirm this was the case. Instructions were given by Virginia to this family on how to keep the energies up in the home and where to find help for their daughter if she is having any emotional difficulties with this ability. Being that the family as a whole seems to be open to different energies, it may be difficult to stop the activity all together but understanding and learning about it may be the best way to cope with the activity when it occurs.

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