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File No: 12-01-089
Location:  Phoenixville, PA - Chester County

Investigation Date and Duration:
January 07, 2012 6:00 PM – 1:30 AM

Location Status:
Three bedroom ranch house built in the 1950's, occupied by two adults, one dog, a cat and one hamster.

Reported Activity:
The client has reported fleeing a home in Georgia because of excessive paranormal activity he and his family encountered there. Upon returning to PA, the client reported that he believes something followed him to his new home or attached itself to him and is attacking him much like succubus type entity would. The client has reported very negative sexual dreams, physical sexual attacks, rapping on the walls, seeing black mass-like figures and a larger than normal amount of negative events happening in his life. The client has reported a hand print appearing in his kitchen window on the inside of the home with an unknown residue covering the print. The client has undergone two deliverances with some improvement and less severe attacks, but reports the entity is still with him. The client has also taken several pictures that he believes may hold images of this entity in them.

Equipment Utilized:
DVR system with IR cameras (6)
Digital Camera
Digital Voice Recorders (6)
EMF gauge (3)
Infrared Camcorder
Thermal Imaging Camera
Laptop Computer
Full Spectrum Camcorder
Motion Sensor (2)
Barometer (2)
Motion Sensor (2)

Investigators Present:




Virginia (Psychic Medium)

Paranormal Weather:
Geomagnetic Field: Active
Solar X-Rays: Quiet
PWO: Average

Technical Notes: 
Nothing to report

VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in kitchen
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in spare bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in den
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in living room
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in master bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary at command/control device

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1
Viewing kitchen
DVR Cam2
– Viewing spare bedroom
DVR Cam3
- Viewing hallway to bedrooms
DVR Cam4
- Viewing the den
Camcorder #1
Mobile with investigators
Full Spectrum Camcorder
– Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.


No photos of evidential value were discovered. Some photographs containing white “orbs” were taken and provided to client to compare with his own “orb” photos. These orbs were created from light reflection off of dust particles in the air, which often show up in digital photos and are not considered to be evidence of spiritual energy.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the home, with expected spikes near electrical appliances. No anomalous readings were detected.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
While Mark was present in the master bedroom area of the home with Virginia, Mark stood up from sitting on the bed and started to walk along the outside wall. Mark reported feeling a sensation like getting his hair caught in a spider web with a slight pulling on his hair.

Lauren: Nothing to report

Kelly: Nothing to report

Virginia: Refer to Psychic Impressions

Psychic Impressions:
As Virginia walked into the home, she felt a male spirit pacing back and forth as though he was waiting to speak to someone. As Virginia continued walking the home, this male spirit began to speak to Virginia. He identified himself as the owner of the home and the father-in-law of the client. As Virginia continued the walk through with the Client, the Father-in-law told Virginia his name was Bruce and the client confirmed that was his father-in-law's name. Bruce began giving Virginia many other names to give to the client to confirm that it was his father-in-law and the client confirmed all the names. The spirit of Bruce was not trapped, but rather present to give information. As Virginia continued giving the client impressions she was getting, she felt a negative energy was attached to the client. At that time, the client confirmed that he felt a negative entity was attached to him and that the entity may have followed him from another state to PA. When Virginia sat down with the client to ask him some questions, she started to feel a negative presence on her right side. Virginia felt as if the negative presence was trying to intimidate her with growls and heavy breathing,

During the investigation, Virginia felt no evidence of the negative presence until she worked with the client one on one. Virginia felt that there were some other entities that were present on the property from many years ago that she was able to help release.

Recommendations: Virginia believes that, with the assistance of The PPA, the client should seek out a reputable member of the Clergy who specializes in negative entity issues. With cases of negative possession or attachment, it must first be properly verified through medical and psychiatric examination in order to obtain the scope of the entanglement between entity and client or whether there are any underlying psychological factors that could be keeping an entity connected or helping it to manifest. A medical evaluation is essential to determine if there are any underlying medical conditions that may be adding to a client’s experiences and to rule out any medical issues that would prevent a person from undergoing severely stressful elements of an exorcism, if needed.

During the course of this investigation, investigators were not able to gather any physical evidence indicating a haunting or demonic presence. Events that the client has reported could not be duplicated, such as rapping on the walls, although the client did report having some physical interaction while we were present. No documented evidence was obtained of those interactions, such as temperature change or noticeable, physical reactions of the body. The PPA could not provide any alternative explanations for reported physical activity the client has witnessed, but after reviewing several of the photos the client had taken in the home, it is the opinion of The PPA that matrixing was taking place. Matrixing is a phenomena wherein the mind “sees” faces or objects in pictures, or patterns that may not actually be what they appear to be. The photos were not of a quality or definition to be of definitive evidential value. Two photos containing a white “orb” in varying brightness and size is believed to be reflections from dust particles in the air that The PPA can easily reproduce in pictures by various means. The PPA does believe the client is suffering from post traumatic stress from his experiences. In cases where PTS is present, any “out of the ordinary” occurrence is believed to be caused by an entity, even though it may have a non-paranormal cause. This is quite common and frequently seen in clients experiencing severe stress. It is important to try and dissect each occurrence to first rule out all possibilities and not jump to immediate conclusions that an entity was the cause. During conversations with the client's wife, she has reported that since moving into this home, the activity has stopped for her. She has also reported feeling safe and comfortable in the house and believes the rapping noises her husband is reporting are generated from the home's heating system as it heats and cools the pipes and surrounding wood, and/or other general house settling noises. The client's wife reported the activity revolves only around her husband and has not been noticeable to her.

From a metaphysical perspective, psychic medium Virginia Centrillo believes the client is psychologically connected to a negative entity. Virginia feels the client is very psychically open in his own right, which is exacerbating the problem. This was verified by the client, reporting he has made several future predictions of world events in which he documented his predictions and the events actually occurred. The client also reported his mother was a psychic medium. Psychic ability is known to be hereditary in many cases.

Based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding this case, The PPA recommends the client seek emotional/psychological counseling, training for grounding psychic ability. Psychic protection development along with a medical evaluation in preparation for a possible exorcism by clergy at a future date if needed.

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