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File No: 12-18-106
Location:  Scranton City, PA -  Lackawanna County

Investigation Date and Duration:
August 18, 2012 7:00 PM – 1:30 AM

Location Status:
ccupied two story, six bedroom, double block residence built in the early 1900's. The home was remodeled into a single family residence with a full basement, occupied by five adults, one teenager, a four year old and two small dogs.

Reported Activity:
The clients have been at this residence for ten years and the activity has been occurring there for about the same amount of time. The activity occurs on a daily basis, mostly in the evenings. The clients have reported seeing shadows and apparitions. Their four year old grandchild refuse to sleep in his own room because he is seeing someone in his room that is frightening him. The TV has turned off on its own. People in the home have been touched and felt like they were made to leave an area of the home. Most people in the home who go down to the cellar feel threatened and leave that area and the family dog will not go into the basement. By having an investigation, the clients hope to identify what is in the home and want a peaceful place for their grandchild to sleep and not be frightened.

Equipment Utilized:
DVR system with IR cameras (6)
Digital Camera
Digital Voice Recorders (8)
Dynamic Microphones(4)
EMF gauge (3)
Infrared Camcorder(1)
Thermometer (3)
Magnetic Polarity Unit
Laser Grid (1)
Laser Tripwire(2)
Laser Line(1)
Motion Sensor (2)
IR Boosters(1)

Investigators Present:





Virginia - Psychic Medium

Environmental Conditions:
Geomagnetic Field: M Class Flare
Solar X-Rays: Quiet
Solar Wind Speed: 370 km/s at start

Moon Phase: 1% of Full – Waxing Crescent

Atmospheric Conditions: Dry and warm, Clear

Technical Notes: 
- Nothing to Report

VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the second floor, left front bedroom
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the left side living room
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the second floor rear spare room with dynamic microphone
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the second floor, right rear bedroom with dynamic mic
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the second floor left middle bedroom with dynamic mic
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the basement with dynamic microphone
- Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators
- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary at command (Control Device)

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.

DVR Cam1:
Viewing second floor, left front bedroom
DVR Cam2:
Viewing left side play room, living room and front room
DVR Cam3:
Viewing second floor rear spare room
DVR Cam4:
Viewing second floor, right rear bedroom and staircase
DVR Cam5:
Viewing second floor left middle bedroom
DVR Cam6:
Viewing basement
Camcorder #1:
Mobile with investigators
Camcorder #2:
Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.

No photos of evidential value were discovered.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the home with expected spikes near electrical appliances. Very high levels were discovered in the basement coming from a power line that runs the length of the basement ceiling. Elevated readings were also located on the copper water line coming into the house due to the electrical system being ground to the pipe. This in turn will radiate electromagnetic fields in different areas of the home with varying levels of EMF. High levels were also measured in the basement in the areas of hanging fluorescent lighting when the lights were active. Elevated readings were identified in the second floor, left side, middle bedroom on the outside wall emanating over the area of the bed and is believed to be caused by the home's electrical wiring. An elevated EMF was also detected in the second floor, front left room on the outside wall where the electrical service is connected to the home. A very high magnetic field was also detected on the second floor, front right bedroom and was caused by a stereo music player that was sitting on top of a dresser.

Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
When Mark walked into the spare bedroom on the second floor during the initial walk-through with Virginia and Lauren, he immediately felt a very strong pressure on his chest. Later in the investigation, Mark and Jim detected a very high static charge in the second floor, left side hallway near the middle bedroom that was not present earlier in the investigation.

Lauren: When Lauren walked into the spare bedroom on the second floor during the initial walk-through with Virginia and Mark, she reported feeling a pain in her chest.

Nicole: Nothing to report

Jim: Jim and Mark detected a very high static charge in the second floor, left side hallway near the middle bedroom that was not present earlier in the investigation.

Virginia: Refer to Psychic Impressions

Psychic Impressions:
While Virginia was in route to the client’s home, she had to pull her car over because a female spirit began to talk to her about this home, the people that were in it and what went on there. As Virginia was writing what the female spirit was giving her, she made Virginia write down two addresses. The female spirit gave Virginia her name, Rose and another name Carroll. Rose continued to give Virginia a lot of personal information that she wanted Virginia to give to the clients. Virginia felt Rose was not a trapped spirit.

When Virginia arrived at the home, she related the information to the owners about what Rose had given to her. The owners confirmed that Rose was the owner’s mom and the second name Carroll was a last name. The two addresses given to Virginia pertained to the same house. It used to be a two family dwelling with the client’s mom living on the other side with a man named Walter.

Note: This home was once split in half with the two sides mirroring each other. The walls were more recently removed between the two sides leaving it as one home.

Virginia received the following information during the initial walk-through:

Kitchen and bathroom – right side of the home: When Virginia started her walk-through; she wanted to start in the Kitchen. Virginia felt there was a lot energy in the kitchen, not only because of high electromagnetic fields (EMF), but because of a vortex that Virginia felt was in that area. Virginia felt spirit moves from the backyard of the home into the kitchen. Virginia picked up on the presence of a trapped male spirit who she believed was a coal miner named “Joe”. Virginia felt that Joe was harmless and just likes to visit the female owner when she is in the kitchen. Adjacent to the kitchen in the bathroom, Virginia spotted a trapped little girl spirit named “Alice” or “Anne”. Virginia felt she loves to run around the home with the owner’s grandchild and the pets. Virginia felt Alice or Anne lived across the street from this residence during the turn of the century. The house has since burned down. The sighting of Alice or Anne around the bathroom area was confirmed by the owners.

Living Room and Master Bedroom - left side of the home: From outside, Virginia felt most of the activity was on the left side of the home. When Virginia walked into what used to be the other side of the home, she felt a very heavy energy moving in the living room. Virginia felt this was coming from a trapped male spirit who was not happy sharing that side of the home with the current family. Virginia also believes that an abundance of American Indian spirits, who protect the master bedroom, were present. This was confirmed by the owners based on their experiences and beliefs.

Second Floor Back Bedroom - Left side: When Virginia went into the back bedroom, she felt like she couldn’t breathe. She also felt an over whelming feeling of dizziness and confusion. Virginia believed that this had to do with heavy drug use. This information was confirmed by the clients. The clients related that drug needles were found in the ceiling of the closet right next to this bedroom when the closet was knocked down to open up to the other side of the home.

Second Floor Grandchild’s Bedroom - left side: Virginia felt a male spirit visits the grandchild’s bedroom. This was the same male spirit that Virginia felt in the living room. Virginia received that this male was a coal miner and he told Virginia that he loved fighting as a sport and referred to something to do with the “Fighting Irish”. Virginia observed this male standing at the foot of the bed and felt that this would scare the grandchild. This was confirmed by the owners.

Second Floor Front Bedroom - Left side: When Virginia walked into this bedroom, the impression she received was from a living person’s energy. Virginia felt anger, sadness, control, violence and stalking. Virginia felt this was emotional residue of energy left behind from a female who used to live there but has since moved. Virginia gave the clients the name of this person and clients confirmed the name and the activity that went on there.

Basement: As Virginia stepped down into the basement, she again felt and saw an energy that had to do with drugs. Virginia described it as some sort of small, black shadow person. Virginia saw this shadow moving more towards the left side of the basement and felt that it makes it uncomfortable for people to stay down there. This was confirmed by the owners. Virginia also picked up on another vortex in the back of the basement, coming in from the yard on the right side of this home. Virginia contributes this to high EMF’s and the field stone walls that hold a lot of residual, historical energy.

Note: Metaphysically, field stone is known to be a “record keeper” stone that holds energy. From a name written on the wall of the basement, Virginia picked up that this person died from some sort of impact; however, Virginia could not clearly pick up what kind of impact or whether it was an accident or suicide. Virginia believed that it had to do with the neck or head area.

Virginia received the following information during investigation:

During the investigation, Virginia was upstairs on the left side of the home when she received the name James. This was the name of the male spirit Virginia picked up downstairs in the living room and in the Grandchild’s bedroom. As Virginia continued the investigation, she picked up on another trapped male spirit, named Kevin who she felt died of an overdose. Virginia felt that this energy runs from the back bedroom through the grandchild’s room to the son’s front bedroom where this male spirit shakes the son’s bed. Virginia also felt Kevin in the hallway feeling very confused and making the energy feel very staticky.

Right side - front room at command: While at command, Virginia started to receive information about St Rita, St Matthew and St Bart along with an American Indian spirit name River Walk. Virginia this information belonged to the male owner of the home. Virginia initiated some automatic writing for the owners of the home to help them to come full circle with their gifts. Virginia also had a visit with a neighbor named “Rita” who passed away. Rita’s house burnt down some time ago. Virginia believed this house was to the left of the client’s home. Virginia picked up that Rita was a very religious woman and she was the one who came in with Saints. Virginia received that Rita was not trapped but just came by to say hello and to bring blessings to the family during the investigation.

Based on the investigation on this particular date, investigators were able to back up some of the sensations that the clients were reporting, such as an oppressive feeling in the upstairs spare bedroom. Mark and Jim also encountered a very strong static field in the center hallway that had not been present earlier in the investigation. Investigators were also able to identify several areas in the home that contained very high electromagnetic fields that could be contributing to the feelings that there was someone present or that they were not welcome in that area. In particular, the basement contained very high levels of EMF in many locations, caused by the electrical wiring and electrical devices in that area. Although it is believed that naturalistic EMF'S can magnify activity at locations with paranormal activity present, the EMF'S themselves must be considered a primary cause for the feelings. In order to definitively identify the cause of the oppressive feelings in these areas, the EMF'S would have to be reduced or removed to rule them out as the cause. By turning off the main power source to the home and repeatedly entering this area with no power present at different times and on different days, may help identify the natural EMF'S as the cause of the feelings or rule them out. For people who are believed to be sensitive to “spiritual energy”, high EMF's may also increase a person's perceptions of information by acting on that person's brain and nervous system, causing them to become more sensitive.

Although the PPA found some alternative answers for some reported activity, no physical evidence of paranormal activity was documented and most of the claims from the clients could not be dismissed by alternative explanations. There is not enough physical evidence at this time to determine if a haunting is taking place or to rule out a haunting.

Metaphysically, Psychic Medium Virginia Centrillo was told by her guides that this home was like the Sara Winchester home in California. The Sara Winchester home was built, and then based on a recommendation from a psychic during that time period, was continuously built upon to help the restless spirits that were killed by guns from the Winchester Gun Company. Virginia feels that because the original double block home is now opened up to make one home from two mirror homes, the two staircases side by side and the two entries to get into the basement is causing spirit to become trapped. A solution for this is to talk to a Feng Shui expert. A Feng Shui cure can help the energy flow better and help trapped souls move on with the energy. Virginia also feels because of the owner’s belief, they should call upon a Native American Indian Shaman to perform a Ceremony to help clear the space of the trapped souls but also to clear the space of any negative residue left behind by the previous tenants who used drugs in the home. Virginia feels this will only enhance the clearing she performed.

Virginia, the client and Mark went upstairs to perform a clearing by having the owner speak with the spirits of the coal miner and Kevin. As the owner spoke his peace to these trapped souls, Virginia began to help the spirits move forward into the light. When the two trapped males moved on, Mark and Virginia started working on helping the little girl spirit named Alice or Anne. As they began their work, the little girl told Virginia that she loved the little piggy. Virginia observed that the little girl’s mom came to take her into the light. When Virginia later questioned the clients about the piggy, the owners confirmed that they used to have a pot belly pig at one time. Virginia gave the clients information on how to keep the energies up in their home and also suggested books to help them with their own gifts. Virginia also highly recommends meditation to the clients. Being that the clients and their family appear to be very sensitive to this type of activity, they may continually be able to sense energies at their location over time and other locations they go to.

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