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File No: 13-05-116

Location:  Lake Ariel, PA -  Wayne County

Investigation Date and Duration:
February 27, 2013    7:00 PM – 11:00 PM  


Location Status:
Two year old restaurant with two dining rooms, two kitchens, office space and outdoor eating area set on 28 acres.



Reported Activity:
Since purchasing the property and beginning construction, there have been a series of mishaps, including physical injuries and equipment problems. After opening the restaurant to the public, the clients have reported a feeling of being watched after the restaurant closes at night. Two employees have been touched by something they could not see.  The staff can see shadows unexplainably moving in different areas of the restaurant and reflections in the floor of women’s restroom, as if someone was walking there.   Objects move by themselves and kitchen items have been knocked off their shelves.  The clients have heard that they built on Indian burial grounds and may have disturbed something during the construction of the building.  By having an investigation, the clients were hoping to confirm what they have going on in their business and find someone to help bless the land and make amends with any spirit that may have been disturbed.

Equipment Utilized:
Camera (2)
Digital Voice Recorders (7)
EMF gauge (5)
Infrared Camcorder (3)
Thermometer (3)
Air Ion Counter
REM Pod 
Trip Laser
Motion Detector
Motion Senor IR Cam

Investigators Present:




Virginia - Psychic Medium

Environmental Conditions:
Solar X-Rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Moon Phase: 97% of full – Waxing Gibbous
Atmospheric Conditions: 
Cloudy / 35F

Technical Notes:
Multiple electrical devices running in the kitchen and office areas


Camcorder #1: 
Hallway viewing interior of women’s restroom
Camcorder #2:  Mobile with investigators
Camcorder #3:  Mobile with investigators 

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.





- Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the interior picnic dining room
VR2 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the main dining room
VR3 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the primary kitchen
VR4 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the women’s restroom
VR5 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in the secondary kitchen
VR6 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary outside, front (Control Device)
VR7 - Digital Voice Recorder: mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.




No photos of evidential value were discovered.




EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the home with expected spikes near electrical appliances. Elevated readings were noted throughout the main building towards the rear coming from the electrical devices. Elevated readings were also noted near all the fluorescent light fixtures.  No anomalous readings were detected.




Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
  At the conclusion of the night, Virginia wanted to work on trying to release a former property owner named, Warren. Mark decided to ask his guides, what he could do to help the clients and spirits remaining in this space. With no immediate response, Mark reported that he had an idea pop into his head (maybe his response) and he started to visualize a swirling column of light, almost like a gentle tornado, coming down and into the room. He then asked his guides to bring any deceased family members connected to Warren to come and help get Warren out of there. At that point, Mark reported that he got very strong chills throughout his entire body that did not seem to go away like normal. Mark stated that he turned his attention back to the column of swirling light and visualized this chill-like energy coming off him and swirling into the light. Mark reported that it felt physically like something pealed right off him. Mark immediately warmed right up and approached Virginia and the rest of the team, who were working on trying to release Warren. Virginia told Mark that she just told the crew that she was working with Warren and all of a sudden, he was gone. She lost him. The crew commented that Virginia had just told them that. Mark reported that it felt so far beyond the normal experiences he’s had that he wanted to comment on it.

Lauren:  Nothing to report

Paul:  Nothing to report

Stan:  Nothing to report

Virginia:  Refer to Psychic Impressions




Psychic Impressions:
When Virginia arrived at this location, she began to pick up on many American Indian spirits roaming the property. Virginia felt these spirits were creating shadows throughout the establishment. Virginia felt that when blasting of rock was done to make way for the restaurant to be constructed, it disturbed the American Indian spirits that were part of the land here. Subsequently, after the blasting, the site was covered with a layer of concrete for the building’s foundation. Virginia felt this acted as a lid covering the spirits of the property. Virginia was also guided to two storm drains in the parking lot. Virginia believed these drains acted as a portal to the American Indian spirits below.

During the initial walk-through with the clients, Virginia picked up on a male spirit named “Warren Brink”. The clients confirmed that Warren “Brinks” was the original owner of the property and occupied a trailer on the site when he was alive. The American Indian spirits coexisted with Warren and called him the “Old Man”. The clients confirmed that this was the name that many people had referred to him as. Warren seemed lost and confused and was seeking out his trailer that was no longer there.

During the investigation, Virginia picked up a spirit with the last name of “Kemp”. Mr Kemp was not trapped on the property but wanted to make himself known to Virginia. Kemp explained that he was friends with the Indians and that they have been disturbed with the activity of constructing the business here. KEMP relayed to Virginia that the clients needed to have an American Indian ceremony performed by a Shaman who was of the same blood to make peace with native people. Virginia also picked up a "Tree Troll", or what is commonly known as a type of nature spirit, that represented the land. Virginia felt that this Tree Troll hung around a supply room in the building and would move to the owner’s office from time to time. Virginia believes he is harmless and is there to protect the land.





During the course of the investigation on this particular date, the PPA was not able to document any physical activity to confirm or disprove a haunting was taking place at this location. Investigators did note highly elevated electromagnetic fields running nearly the entire length of the main portion of the restaurant.  These fields were created from the electrical wiring and devices associated with that part of the building.  These fields can have a variety of effects on a location.  If a location has an active haunting, the EM fields can cause the activity to become more prevalent in those areas.  These fields can also cause a person who is hypersensitive to EMF’s to have various perceptions and sensations including feeling like they are being watched or like someone is standing right next to them.  A person could see things out of the corner of their eye, get the chills or even feel sick.  When experiences are noted, the high EMF fields should be taken into consideration for a cause of the experience. In order to determine if it is truly an EMF sensitivity, the power to that area should be turned off to see if the sensations go away. More time would have to be spent at this location to determine if a haunting was taking place by means of a physical investigation.

Metaphysically, Virginia felt that the property was being occupied by many Native American spirits and a former owner named Warren. Virginia was able to confirm that much of the activity that the clients perceived was, in fact, caused by a haunting. Virginia believes that the PPA was successfully able to cross the spirit of Warren and several American Indian spirits.  Virginia feels that an American Indian ceremony is necessary to cross over the rest of the American Indian spirits and settle the energies around the property.

Virginia suggests that the clients look up information on Feng Shui Convex mirrors because they have protective qualities, reflecting energies away from the building. Virginia feels that the mirrors should be placed in the front of the building over the entry door in the back of the building over the door which faces the back of the property to help ward off stray or trapped spirits. Virginia provided information to the clients on how to keep the energies up in there building. Virginia also recommended certain books to the clients to help them with their own gifts. Virginia believes these books will teach them how to protect themselves.

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