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File No: 13-12-123
Location:  Saint Clair, PA -  Schuykill County

Investigation Date and Duration:
June 8, 2013    7:00 PM – 11:30 PM   

Location Status:
Two story, three bedroom house with a full basement and attic. The home is occupied by two parents and their seven year old son and 6 year old daughter.



Reported Activity:
The clients report that they have been in this house for over three months and the activity has been going on for about two months.  The activity occurs mostly at night and on a daily basis.  The clients have reported hearing footsteps, seeing an apparition of a man in a black suit, having items physically moved, such as dining room chairs being overturned, cabinet doors being opened in the kitchen, cereal boxes being spilled out onto the floor, picture frames turned around and more.   By having an investigation, the clients are hoping to have whatever is there removed from the home and the activity stopped so their family and especially their children are not scared.

Equipment Utilized:
Infrared Camcorder (2)
Digital Voice Recorders (9)
Dynamic Microphones (4)
EMF gauge (4)
Kinect Sensor System
Thermometer (2)

Investigators Present:



Virginia - Psychic Medium

Environmental Conditions:
Solar X-Rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Moon Phase: 0% of full – Waxing Crescent Moon
Atmospheric Conditions:
Partly Cloudy / 72F

Technical Notes:
-Nothing to report


Camcorder #1: 
Mobile with investigators
Camcorder #2:  Viewing dining room and kitchen 

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.




VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators
VR2 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in kitchen with four dynamic microphones
VR3 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in living room
VR4 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in son’s bedroom on second floor
VR5 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in master bedroom on second floor
VR6 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in daughter’s bedroom on second floor
VR7 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in basement
VR8 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary outside, front (Control Device)
VR9 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary outside, rear (Control Device) 

No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.




No photos of evidential value were discovered.




EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the home with expected spikes near electrical appliances.  No anomalous readings were detected.  No levels of concern detected.




Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
  Nothing to report

Nicole: Nothing to report

Virginia:  Refer to Psychic Impressions




Psychic Impressions:
During the initial walk-through, Virginia picked up on three spirits that she felt were trapped at this property.   The first was a female spirit named “Theresa” who Virginia felt was the client’s landlord’s wife. Virginia felt Theresa was a little confused and her spirit was just wondering around the home.  Virginia also felt that Theresa was very protective of the new family that lived there.  The family was able to confirm that Theresa was the property owner’s wife.

The second spirit Virginia picked up on was a male energy named “John”.  Virginia felt that John had a coalminer connection or was connected to coal mining in some respect.    PPA Historical Research Director, Kelly Kalb was able to confirm that John Holmes, an Irishman who came from Dublin to St. Clair in 1841, bought a prime commercial property on the corner of 2nd street and Franklin Street, including the client’s property.  He also played a huge role in the development of the coal industry in this area.

The third spirit that Virginia picked up on was a little boy named “Mathew”.  Virginia felt this boy was between 6 and 8 years of age and drowned in the stream next to the home in the very early 1900’s. Virginia picked up that this spirit liked to mess with the owner’s belongings and physically move things around. Virginia felt that Matthew was attached to the owner’s son. Virginia felt that the client’s son was extremely open to spirit.




During the investigation on this particular date, investigators were not able to document any physical evidence to validate that a haunting was taking place, nor to dismiss a haunting at this location. Additional time would need to be spent monitoring the home to come to a more definitive conclusion.  No personal experiences were encountered by investigators during the investigation. 

From a metaphysical perspective, Psychic Medium Virginia Centrillo was able to confirm for the clients that what they were experiencing was being caused by what she felt were three spirits that remained in the home after passing.  With help of other PPA members, Virginia was able to help cross over the three trapped souls. During the releasing process, Virginia picked up on another spirit of a boy named “Thomas” who Virginia felt was about 4 or 5 years old and who also drowned in the 1950’s. According to Virginia, this spirit came to help Mathew crossover

Virginia gave information to the clients to help their son with his gift. Virginia feels that their son is very sensitive and will always pick up on spirit. This must be address with love and patience because of his age.


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