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File No: 14-09-137
Location: Scott Twp, PA -  Lackawana County

Investigation Date and Duration:
May 30, 2014    7:00 PM – 2:15 AM
May 31, 2014    7:00 PM – 12:00 AM


Location Status:
Active electronics business

Reported Activity:
There has been a variety of ongoing activity over the past several years documented on previous reports. This is a follow-up investigation from previous PPA investigations to continue identifying and documenting activity and assisting with the release of any Earthbound spirits.

Equipment Utilized:
DVR system with IR cameras (6)
Digital Camera
Digital Voice Recorders (12)
Dynamic Microphone
EMF gauge (4)
Infrared Camcorder (2)
Thermometer (2)
REM Pod (3)
Laser Grid (2)
Laser Line
Motion Sensor (2)
Paramyd Proximity Sensor
Infrared Boosters (3)
Kinect Sensor System

Investigators Present:
Virginia - Psychic Medium
- Psychic Medium
Camille- Psychic Medium

Environmental Conditions:

Solar X-Rays: Normal / Active
Geomagnetic Field: Unsettled

Moon Phase: 5%  /  8% of full – Waxing Crescent
Atmospheric Conditions: Mostly clear   65
F /  66F

Technical Notes:
-Nothing to report

DVR Cam1:
 Viewing 3rd floor, left wing hallway
DVR Cam2:  Viewing basement hallway in cell area
DVR Cam3:  Viewing 3rd floor, main hallway
DVR Cam4:  Viewing 4th floor hallway
DVR Cam5:  Viewing 3rd floor, right wing hallway
DVR Cam6:  Viewing 2nd floor main hallway
Camcorder #1:  Mobile with investigators
Camcorder #2:  Mobile with investigators

No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.





VR1 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary 3rd floor, left wing hallway
VR2 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in basement hallway in cell area

VR3 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in 3rd floor, main hallway – This device recorded two anomalous sounds on night one. The first while no one was present on the 3rd floor. No movement is detected on video watching that area and no itmes are present that could make that kind of sound. The source is failry close to the recorder. The second sound occurs while investigators were present. Investigators reported experiencing some kind of movement in the room just ahead of them and a shuffling sound was picked up by the recorder.  Again, no movement is seen on video.

VR4 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in 4th floor hallway
VR5 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in 3rd floor, right wing hallway
VR6 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary in 2nd floor main hallway
VR7 - Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators
VR8 - Digital Voice Recorder: Mobile with investigators
VR9 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary outside, front (Control Device)
VR10 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary outside, rear (Control Device)
VR11 - Digital Voice Recorder: Stationary at command (Control Device)



No photos of evidential value were discovered.


EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the building with expected spikes near electrical appliances No anomalous EMF detected.



Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:

During the first night of investigating while Mark was in the basement area in one of the research labs with Brian, he felt a strong cool breeze come across his hand and arm. Being that Mark was holding a meter in that hand at face level, Mark expected to feel the breeze come across his face. No breeze was felt on his face and the cool area dissipated within seconds.  Within two minutes, Brian, who was standing in another area of the lab and did not know about Mark’s experience, asked Mark if there was a breeze in the room and described a similar sensation as Mark’s. The room was monitored for a time afterwards and no additional or similar experiences were noted.

Mark: Later in the investigation on night one around 1:30am, Mark was on the third floor with the building owner in the left wing. Mark had been monitoring conditions in the hallway while the owner walked into one of the rooms. Mark observed other team members at the end of the hallway near the hallway entrance and they walked away. A few minutes later, a black, featureless figure walked into the hallway and stood still. The figure completely blocked out the light from a laser grid on the wall behind it. Mark watched as the figure just stood there for about 8 seconds. The owner approached Mark and Mark turned to look at him and then looked back down the hallway and the figure was gone. Mark assumed it was the team members working in that area but radioed for confirmation and the team reported that they had moved away from the wing hallway entrance to another area. That team checked the area but no one was found. It is unknown at this time who or what was standing in the hallway and it is unclear if it was in the entrance to the hallway with Mark or the main hallway behind the other team. Attempts to recreate the event caused somewhat different results as the team members could be identified standing there. Nothing showed up on a DVR camera monitoring that area.  This event occurred a short time after other team members reported hearing footsteps in that area and someone walking on the floor above them.

Mark/Lauren: While Mark and Lauren were working in the basement hallway near the old solitary confinement cells on night two, both investigators heard what sounded like a box being drug across a cement floor coming from the kitchen area. A sweep of the kitchen did not reveal any findings for anything that would have been moved and even more unusual, a voice recorder in the area did not pick up the sound.

Don/Alison/Brian: While investigating in the main building hallway on the third floor during the first night around 1:15am, Don, Alison and Brian had heard what they thought were footsteps and a shuffling sound in an end room. This is the same room that the clients report hearing footsteps in from their office on the floor below. Around the same time, all three also heard what sounded like someone walk down the hallway from the floor above them and then turn around and come back towards them.

Brian/John: While investigating in the same area as above on night two, Brian and John again heard what they thought were footsteps coming from the end room. The room was checked with nothing found.

Brian: On night one while investigating the basement solitary cells area with Mark, Brian observed a small black mass that he thought may have been a dog or large cat run down the hallway and disappear. Later that same evening, while investigating the second floor in the work station area with Alison, Brian observed a little girl peak around the corner of the hallway and then disappear into the end office. It should be noted that Brian is a sensitive and may have observed the girl on a psychic level.

Alison:  While investigating in the basement research lab with Don, Alison reported feeling a cool breeze come across her and just like Mark, expected to feel it move across her face. It did not. Alison was not aware of the experiences that Mark and Brian had earlier in the night and the experiences all occurred in the same room.



Psychic Impressions:
Virginia was present on night two of the investigation with two additional psychic mediums, Jack and Camille. As with previous investigations at this location, Virginia, Jack and Camille picked up many Earthbound spirits. Some who remained stuck at this location and others that come and go as they please.  




During this two night investigation, many personal experiences were reported by investigators adding to the various other experiences had in the past. Investigators were able to hear in-person the footsteps the clients had been hearing so many times while they worked in their offices below. The footsteps were in the same area the clients had heard them coming from. No physical person was present to make the footsteps when they were heard by investigators. Additional footsteps were heard on the floor above them as well. Sightings of black masses of various sizes and shapes were observed by investigators as have been observed here during previous investigations. Overwhelming amounts of unaccounted for noises were recorded on audio recorders on every floor but investigators had to take into account that there were bats present inside the building at the time of the investigation. It is unknown to what degree they were able to cause any noises but they must be considered. Sounds of slamming doors were heard throughout the building with no observable movement at the times of the sounds.

With all experiences had, this location continues to be a very active place and will most likely continue to have activity. A large amount of the activity present can be considered residual. This includes auditory as well as visual events.

Virginia and the two other mediums worked hard to release as many spirits as they could.  Many chose to stay and many come and go as they please and in all respect will continue to do so. No harmful entities were encountered during this investigation and for the most part, any entities present there are just doing their own thing. The PPA will continue to work on this location over the course of years, as necessary, to help any additional spirits who are ready to move on and to help raise the energy levels of the entire property. This is a process that will take time and a lot of much needed energy work.

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