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File No: 15-06-147
Location: Muncy, PA

Investigation Date and Duration:
March 27, 2015       7:00 PM – 11:30 PM   


Location Status:
Five bedroom,ranch style residence built in 1905 and occupied by two adults and five children.



Reported Activity:
Reported activity includes hearing moans, items being thrown, knocks at the door when no one is there, seeing figures at night in the yard, their cat acting strange and crying all the time, beign touched. The clients believes that she has an attachment going on since a small child that follows her everywhere, lays dormant for awhile and then comes back with vengeance.  By having an investigation, the clients hope to get whatever is in the home to leave.

Equipment Utilized:
Infrared Camcorder (2)
DVR System with six IR Cameras
Digital Voice Recorders (10)
EMF gauge (3)

Paramid Proximity Sensor
Motion Sensor (2)

Oscilloscope EMF/EVP Sensor Array

Investigators Present:
Virginia -Psychic Medium

Environmental Conditions:

Solar X-Rays: Active
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Moon Phase: 54% of full – First Quarter
Atmospheric Conditions: Partly cloudy
with sprinkles / 39 F

Technical Notes:
- Nothing to report.



No physical evidence captured on video at the time of the investigation.





No physical evidence captured on audio at the time of the investigation.




No photos of evidential value were discovered.



EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field):
Standard baseline readings were taken throughout the bulding with expected spikes near electrical appliances. No anomolous EMF'S noted.



Investigator Feelings / Personal Experiences:
-Nothing to report


During the investigation on this particular date, investigators were not able to document any physical activity that the clients were reporting.   Investigators were not able to rule out any of the experiences as being caused by normal sources.

Psychic medium Virginia Centrillo identified what she felt were many Indian spirits roaming the grounds.  Virginia did not believe they paid any attention to the home or family, they were just  there, doing their own thing.   Virginia also picked up on a former reisdent of the home , who she felt was a doctor.  Virginia recieved information that the doctor was staying there to help the clients son , who had some medical conditions.  Virginia felt he would go right after an upcoming surgery for the boy.  The clients confirmed their son was expecting surgery.  Virginia also felt that their was another male spirit in the home that was attached to the mom.  Virginia related that she felt the mom was very pschically open, which the mom confirmed, and that as her psychic ability grew and she learned how to protect herself, this male would drift away on his own.  Virginia felt he was there from a negative past relationship that the mom was still working to resolve.  Virgina assed that she was picking up on a male Indian shape shifter that was in the home and probably scaring the family when he was seen.  His purpose there was to gaurd the home and property and was a positive energy in the home.  Virginia stated that he would still remain but try and not be visible to the family.

The PPA furnished information to the clients on how to protect themselves psychcally and gave some resources for them to further develope and understand their psychic abilities.

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