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Ultra Fire Infrared Flashlight

Anyone using an infrared enabled camcorder knows that an external IR illuminator is essential to lighten a room bright enough to get good video. There are countless numbers of people making IR lights now and if you've used them, the one big drawback is battery life.  Even the hot shoe IR lights that plug directly into a camcorder will drain the life out of the camcorder battery in no time at all. Batteries get expensive and no one likes to stop what they are doing to change the batteries on their gear all the time.
The PPA has been using IR flashlights instead of the typical "ghost hunting" illuminators that have flooded the market and have a not so great battery life. Many illuminators are large and require additional hardware to attach to a camera.  An IR flashlght, like the one pictured here, requires only one CR123A battery stick or two CR123A individual batteries that will generally last through several investigations.  The flashlight is often much brighter than some commercially made models and can easily be attached to a camera by using idustrial velcro, a snap tight strip or other similar product.  It's fast on, fast off and requires no additional hardware.  We recommend investing in rechargeable CR123A batteries that can be purchased extremely cheap through Amazon or ebay and will last several years with normal investigative use. These flashlights typically cost between $12 and about $25, on the high end, if you order online.   One drawback with this style of light is that it does give that circular, spotlight type appearance against nearby walls, or other backgrounds, that most investigators are familiar with, but most of the commercial illuminators do that as well. Members of the PPA have tried a variety of different illuminators but for the brightness, price, longevity, ease of use and durability, we keep going back to this style of IR lighting!

More device details below!

By Mark A. Keyes


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