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Identifying a Haunting - A Checklist and Solutions

This is an excerpt from an artice by Tiffany Snow looking at hauntings from a more religious, Christian perspective but offers great tips at identifying a haunting! It is just one view out of many for dealing with resolving hauntings.

Are you, a loved one, or your home being haunted? What kind of invisible presences cause a haunting? What are the identifying signs of a haunting? And most importantly, how can you end it? While there are many TV shows and local ghost hunting groups around the country today, most of these only identify activity in an area and few know how to make unwanted activity cease. Since there are many things to consider when cleansing an area once a haunting is discovered, this information gives an identifying checklist and also acts as a core article linking to several related articles detailing solutions.

When looking into whether you are being haunted there are several factors to consider. Most notably, what is exactly causing the problem? There are many people who have skill in identifying a haunting problem but far fewer who can solve the problem. Even those who have the gift of seeing, hearing or feeling the other side can be fooled into thinking it is only a small problem when in essence there is much greater danger. And while this is not about religion, very often it is necessary to have a faithful Holy person experienced in spiritual warfare in the forefront doing the necessary prayers. 

Those who have the gifts of intuitive or psychic ability may be able to sense an entity, but it is much more important to have clear discernment of what the presence actually is! There are many presences that do not haunt that we may sense as well. Without a doubt, a Holy Angel is a definite presence that you will positively recognize when one is near - the power, comfort and love is undeniable. A spirit is a person who has gone to God's love after death and now has free ability to visit as they please. And although our physical body may experience a healthy spirit presence in ways similar to other beings (cold spots, hair standing on end, heightened awareness) there is not an extreme level of fear, since your soul is inwardly aware of the helpful and loving nature. An energy dusting is not a presence at all, but a layering of high energies that has enveloped the area over a period of time. Similar to entering a room just after a heated disagreement, a sensitive person might sense many layers of what had occurred there, but it has nothing to do with a current presence.

But for hauntings, it again comes down to just three basic groups of three beings - a ghost, a manipulated ghost (ghost given power by the unHoly Angels) or the unHoly Angels themselves. It is easy for an unHoly Angel to deceive a person by pretending to be something they are not - including being an innocent child that died, or a harmless ghost that "got stuck." This is where discernment becomes imperative! The unHoly Angels can cause much more damage and create many more problems if they can masquerade and pretend to be something other than the evil influence they truly are. It is not enough to sense that there is a problem, it is essential to have correctly identified what it is that is causing all the trouble and to cleanse the area of it. It is not automatically fixed just by saying "go to the light," as so many have found out, even with simple ghost hauntings.

For those who see, hear or feel the presence one way that always works is to ask the entity: "Do you love Jesus now?" There is only one correct answer for this - yes. If there is any other answer or even a non-answer or a vague, indirect answer, you are being fooled and you stand against something sinister that is not of God. This has a scriptural basis. "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1) The best way to test the spirits is asking if they love Jesus now. This identifies exactly what you are dealing with. The unHoly Angels may have loved Jesus Christ before but not after he came down from heaven, lived a sinless life, ransomed all humanity by his death and was resurrected by God, destroying the bondage of death, sin and inequity. The unHoly Angels cannot state that they love Jesus now for they are in a battle against God and Christ. They cannot claim to love Christ now and still be against Him. This is one lie they cannot make.

So as you can see, it is imperative to find out who it is that is causing the problem. A ghost may have trouble with this question, a manipulated ghost will definitely have trouble with this question and a demon or unHoly Angel cannot answer this question as a "yes, I love Jesus Christ now."

If you are given an answer of anything but a yes, you have a situation on your hands. In fact, you may even feel more oppression after clarifying what it is that you are up against. The unHoly Angels seek to do much of their work behind the scenes, and desire not to be identified. They seek to misinform, confuse, manipulate and continue to cause problems. This is why faith and Divine guidance, not fear, wins the day. Now you see more completely why it is so important to not just sense a problem, but to identify what it is and to have the tools to know what to do. Compare it to seeing a car pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire. Yes, even children can recognize that the tire is flat. It is apparent for all to see. Is coming up to the person and telling them they have a flat tire as helpful as removing the flat and putting on a spare? It is about fixing the problem, not just demonstrating there is one.

So how do we identify what is going on? First, let's consider a scale of fear from 1-10 with a "1" being no fear, and a "10" being so afraid that a person cannot go in or out of the area. In addition to the scale to identify the level of fear, let's consider some other factors that come into play. The following questions should be answered to the best of your ability:

(1). Does this place create an overall atmosphere of fear? Do you feel uneasy or like you are being watched? What time of the day or night? (3A.M. is a favorite time for evil activity - since it is directly opposite the 3 P.M. death of Jesus) Does this happen cyclically or in an established pattern, including in seasons or times of the month or year?

(2). Do children and/or pets get easily scared here? Are there pets that bark or hiss at seemingly nothing or act in a strange way? For instance, staring off into space at something, or appearing frightened for no apparent reason?

(3). Is it adversely affecting your physical health? Is it a place of physical harm such as bruising, scratches, pressure headaches? Does this interfere with daily life or ability to mentally/emotionally function well? Do you have strange dreams, thoughts that aren't your own or are out of the norm for you, thoughts of anger, fear, harming yourself or others? Does this interfere with your ability to work?

(4). Does this interfere with your ability to pray or hear God clearly? Does this cause strife in your relationship? Do you find you and family members are easily agitated, and perhaps argue more than usual? Is anyone living in the house on strong medications? Does anyone have/or had addictions? Is anyone having anger issues or dealing with unforgiveness issues for past hurts or abuses?

(5). Have things been moved? Are objects suddenly found to have gone missing and then reappear (for example: leaving your car keys on the table, then unable to locate them but later you return and they are right where you had left them)? Is it a place of hearing voices, seeing figures or dark shadows? Do you see movements from the corner of your eye? Are you being touched? Are there strange lights, circular shapes or discolorations in photographs taken around you or in the area of haunting?

(6). Have you or anyone in your family ever dabbled in occult practices? These include playing with a Ouija board, holding séances, visiting a psychic for a reading, Tarot cards, tea leaf reading, etc? Open portals and unHoly invitations can be caused by people dabbling in the occult, whether it is accidental or just kids reading something out of a book or a small group intent on making a supernatural link.

(7). Are there any tools of divination or objects such as idols or carvings that were given/brought from foreign countries that might be dedicated to demonic practices or cults? Have you received/purchased anything, jewelry/furniture/etc. from garage sales, antique shops or other sources where the item history is unknown? Portals can be made through an object, which may be given to another person, thus passing the connections on with it. Whether the person receiving it knows about it or not they have just made a binding contract to the demons by agreeing to accept the gift. Or if a person bought it, to the demon that contract is still as binding to the person who now owns it, as it was from the beginning by the person who first dedicated it through ritual. Not all dedicated items become portals, but the incidence is high.

(8). How long has this been happening? Did the previous owner or tenants have similar issues? Do you know of any documented history or previous problems in the home, of a haunted nature or otherwise? Has anyone died on the property? Has there been damage to the property? Have there been any modifications to the existing building or any current construction projects now underway?

(9). Is the house near a gravesite, graveyard, cemetery or burial ground? Has the property ever been blessed by a Priest or other Holy person? Are there any remarkable odors or occurrences of a foul, putrid or rotting smell? Do the lights or electricity act up frequently? Are there unusual cold spots in the house? Are there sounds that can't be logically explained, including pounding, growling or knocking sounds?

Answering yes to one or a few of these questions doesn't necessarily mean you are haunted. But answering yes to many of them definitely means there is something going on that shouldn't be ignored. It is important to understand that even if you only have a ghost, it can attract the unHoly Angels to your home, as the fear that has been generated is something that the demons seem to feed off of, creating even greater fear while seeking to cause more destruction of lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Hauntings can also be caused by curses on the land. These can date back hundreds or even thousands of years and can cause a myriad of disturbances. These curses often stem from land disputes, clashes and takeovers and can be as varied as those who make them. Similar to an item dedicated through a ritual, a binding contract is on the land that many people unknowingly inherit. Sometimes there is a central cursed artifact buried on the grounds. Sometimes one or many ghosts (often manipulated) will continue to defend their rights or cause havoc for any trespassers. A priest is needed for these tricky situations.

If a person is haunted, a Deliverance is needed. If you are one being stalked, no matter where you go you will not be able to move away from it, for its attachment is to you, not the house. Prayer is the answer. You can do the prayer of deliverance by yourself, but when an exorcism is needed or there is more against you than you know, or you are confused or wavering in faith, you will need a Priest strong in conviction to assist you in this process of receiving back your freedom. Here is the Deliverance Prayer:

"Father, if there are any unHoly Angels in, on, near or around me, I nail, hold them fast and silence them. I decommission, bind and encapsulate them through the Power of the Shed Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I bring them up to your presence immediately Lord to deal with as you see fit. May you fill any empty spaces and lonely places within me with your love and your light. Thank you Father, In Jesus' name. Amen." Repeat the prayer as often as you feel the need. It calls in the Holy Angels to fight for you, and they always win.

A house blessing is always essential, it is a dedication of all things to the love of God. Sprinkle Holy water in each room, and anointing oil over each window while reading prayers and scriptures out loud. It is similar to doing a Deliverance on a house instead of a person, so adjust the Deliverance prayer using your authority of home ownership/resident and as a child of God recognizing the power of Christ. Put a crucifix over each door that leads to the outside, and one over each bed. Gather a group of friends and sing uplifting religious songs and call in the Holy Spirit for physical, emotional and spiritual healing on all participants. Receive an offering of communion in the house, and continue to arrange occasions for celebration and joy such as birthdays and anniversaries. Cultivate a prayerful attitude and make a sacred space or altar in the home where you go daily to pray, also making it a place where you arrange things that remind you of wonderful times in your life; for love, joy and happiness are Godly things. Make the darkest places the lightest, both spiritually and with physical lights and lamps. Love Always Wins! We humans need not ever fear being haunted, for the scripture is trustworthy and true: "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7).

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