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7 Tips For Helping Intuitive/Psychic Children

While watching a show on television about psychic children, I thought back to my own childhood and remembered how frightening it could be. Since I have had a strong psychic ability my whole life, I never grew up knowing what it is like to be what people call "normal." I grew up naturally thinking that everyone was like me. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that not everyone had the same abilities as I did, and I was a little confused. Since birth one of my many psychic abilities has been claircognizance—I would just "know" things. People would say, "How do you just know? You can't just know!" Well, you see, I thought everyone just knew things, so I thought it was weird that they didn't "know" what I was talking about. I wondered why they weren't tapping into their own gifts and abilities. As I grew older, I realized that I was indeed very different. People did not understand what I was seeing, hearing or what I was trying to explain. It became frustrating for me so I just stopped talking to them about it.

When I became a teenager, I became really skeptical. This is a very natural occurrence. If you haven’t tried to block your abilities before your teenage years, this is usually the time it happens. After much skepticism from friends and adults, I started to question my own abilities. I began to wonder, “How do I just know things? Other people don’t just know things. How do I? What makes me different? How do I know that I am even right?” So I decided to pretend that I was no longer psychic, easy as that! Well, it’s not so easy. One morning while I was sitting in class I had a very strong “feeling” that I should go home early. I thought, whatever, I will just ignore it and it will go away. Until now I usually followed my feelings because I thought they were a part of my guidance system. Since this had been the case up until that day, everything had always worked out fine. But this particular day, I decided to no longer “know” things. I was determined, so I shut out all of the thoughts for the rest of the day and ignored them. I had done a really good job and had even forgotten about it by the time I was leaving school with a friend. I was about three blocks away when we got into a four-car accident. That was when I realized that ignoring “knowing” things did not work for me. That was a huge lesson! Though my friend and I only had minor injuries, it was the last time I decided to "challenge" my own abilities.

Now, "coming out of the closet" as a psychic was not easy either. People did not and still do not always believe that I have the gifts and abilities that I have. They do not even stop to think that they have some of the same abilities! That is really interesting to me because I do not think that I have ever met anyone who has not had his or her own “gut” feeling about something, at least once. For me, however, this is my path, and I accept being this way. It is a way of life for me, not something that I do for fun.

For my own children, it was very different. Since I was already a psychic, my understanding of their gift and my ability to explain to them what it was they were seeing and hearing was very helpful. From the time that he was very young, my son would see spirits all over the place. I remember driving by an empty lot one day, where certain people I knew had asked me if they should put up a business there. I had told them to look elsewhere, that the vibration and energy were not good on that lot and it would affect any business that opened up there. While driving by the empty lot I asked my son, "What do you see over there?" He said, "A man in a robe, right there. Oh no, you can't see him anymore. He ran behind that church!" "What church?" I asked. He looked back and could no longer see the church. His eyes grew really big, and he asked, "The church is gone! Why did I see that?" I told him that he was seeing an old church that was on that piece of property years ago, and the monk was in the same time frame as the church. He then added he did not like that area, that it felt weird. His observations were correct. There was an energy imprint on that piece of property, and a lot of strange things had happened there over the years, which has not helped to improve the area.

My kids have grown up knowing that the spirits they see are real, and there is nothing for them to be scared of for they cannot hurt them in any way. We are spiritual beings. We have always had a lot of spirits around and about the homes in which we have lived. My kids and I always talked about the spirits that are in our houses, even the mischievous ones. This helped my children to understand that they are a part of life. When my son was little, he used to say, "I feel sorry for people who do not have spirits around. It must feel lonely." I agree … I like feeling them around too.

Knowledge is very important. If you do not know the answers to your children’s questions, buy a book or talk with someone who might know the answer. Let them know that all of their questions are good ones. For you and your children, knowledge is power!


7 Tips For Helping Intuitive/Psychic Children:

Here are some easy things that I put together to help you with psychic children. My son and daughter are very well-adjusted kids. They do not live in fear of their abilities; they live in harmony with them. This information can help intuitive children live basically "normal" lives without fear:

1) Realize that because your child is psychic, it does not mean that he or she is meant to become a professional psychic.

The majority of children have psychic abilities, this ability most likely will not determine their career path. It is meant to be a guidance system. (This is not the path that my children will take.)

2) It is important to make sure that your children understand what their ability is.

It is good for them to know if they are an empath, what an empath is, etcetera. Also, their gifts and abilities are real and will most likely always be a part of their everyday life. You want to teach them how to live in harmony with their abilities and to be comfortable with them. However, in time they can learn, to some extent, how to tune it out.

3) Make sure that your children know that spirits will not harm them!

It is hard for psychics and intuitives to sleep at night without hearing all kinds of spiritual racket. Keeping the television on helped my son to sleep. (I highly recommend this with sensitive children). Allow them to listen to SpongeBob or whatever is uplifting and light. I have had parents say, “I am afraid if I do that, they won’t sleep!” I promise you, if they are sensitive, they are probably not sleeping now. This trick will allow them to drift right into a heavy sleep, much more important then no sleep at all. I do this myself most nights; it drowns out the noise and gives my mind something else to listen to. Spirits are active at night, and our minds are very receptive when we are going to sleep. It is like opening the floodgates to the Other Side.

4) Your children should learn psychic protection.

Being psychic can be energetically draining. Your children should learn psychic protection if they need to. If they are not paying attention, they pick up on other people's energy and take on their emotions without realizing it. This can happen anywhere, especially in a crowded area such as a mall or at school. If this is a problem have them imagine themselves in a bubble surrounded by a white light that does not allow another’s energy to get through. Then have them ask God to dissolve other people's energy into the white light of the Holy Spirit. (I will do another post on this "bubble" and psychic protection soon). Have them do this before you go somewhere crowded. Taking on everyone else's feelings can make you feel anxious, especially somewhere like a department store. You can also just choose not to be affected by this. If you recognize that these feelings are not your own, you can tell your body that you are calm and healthy. Decide that you will not allow another person’s emotions to make you feel any differently. You have control over your own body!

5) It is also important to pay attention to what your children say and to take them seriously.

Do not disregard what they are saying because they are young. For instance, if they do not like someone or they are uncomfortable with a specific situation, there is usually a very valid reason. Children can sense someone's energy and intentions like nobody's business.

6) You need to let your children know that they are in total control of their abilities.

Sometimes when you are in tune with your psychic abilities, there is a feeling of having no control over what you are experiencing. You can ask not to be shown things that you cannot do anything about or that you have no control over. For instance, it was very scary when I was younger and knew that my little brother was going to be in a car accident. I had no control over this; and I just had to wait and pray that he would be okay. Luckily, as he drove his car off of a ravine, it happened to land on the only pile of trees in that area. This barely kept his car from launching over the hill several hundred feet to the bottom. I asked not to be shown these things that I have no control over, and have not had this sort of problem since.

7) Decide if and when to let others know about their abilities.

I did discuss with my children that their friends and the parents of their friends may have a hard time understanding their gifts. I left it up to them to let their friends know about their abilities or mine. Remember, your child is psychic; you need to trust his or her judgment.

Excerpt from:
"Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS"  



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