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Pet Mediums: Can Dogs and Cats Sense Spirits?

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ding Yuin Shan

We’ve all seen dogs bark at “nothing” and cats swat at things we can’t seem to see ourselves, which begs the question: is there such a thing as pet mediums? And can our animals sense spirits we can’t feel? The answer may surprise you.

Just as with humans, some pets may be able to sense spirits or other-worldly beings that others cannot, said clairvoyant and metaphysical expert Christine Agro, so that spooky stare your dog gives shadows may be a sign of something we can’t see.

Agro says the ability for pet mediums to sense and see spirits depends on two things—their consciousness, or level of awareness, and age. Having one, or both, of these dynamics can make these abilities possible. The biggest sign to determine if our pets are sensing things we can’t is if they follow something undetectable to the human eye. Another sign an animal may be detecting a spirit is barking, hissing or fur raising on their back, neck and tails out of fear.

These pet “sixth senses” can extend to knowing if their owners have had accidents or died, knowing when something negative (a trip to the vet, say) is about to happen and sensing an owner or harmful intruder’s arrival, according to an article in The Daily Mail.

Agro says these senses in pets are the same as a human’s ability to open ourselves to the belief in something more—we all can do it, but most of us don’t. Some animals have a higher level of awareness of things around them and are more conscious of their behavior and the effect it has on others.

Age, another factor, can determine if animals can sense spirits. Agro says that when animals become closer to death, the veil between worlds can thin and more often than not, they can begin to see things their owners can’t or do not see. Depending on an animal’s reaction to becoming a pet medium, there are a few things their owners can do to help them, she said.

If a pet seems at ease with their behavior, there’s not much for an owner to do. However, if your pet seems frightened by things that aren’t there Agro suggests working with an animal psychic or keeping flower essence on hand to help shift your pet’s energy. She recommends giving pets five drops of rock rose, which helps boost courage and mimulus, which helps shift and ease fears, orally three times a day. There are no side-effects of taking these essences, she says, and are a safe, natural ways to help heal animals. She also suggest using a thunder shirt—a weighted shirt used to soothe animals during storms—that can help make animals feel more safe, which they may need when sensing a spirit.

When pet medium behavior like this develops in older animals, it may be time to prepare for the passing of your pet. Agro sees this as a time to comfort and support your cat or dog.

“As they release their hold on this world, their ability to see the other side deepens,” she said. “It’s a time [for you and your pet] to celebrate your life together and prepare yourself for their transition.”

By Jessica Remitz



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