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The Science Behind Being An Empath

Empaths are people who have the ability to feel what another person is feeling, and their abilities may be linked to the electromagnetic fields that surround us all. This is because empaths are particularly sensitive to the electromagnetic field, and this could mean that they are more likely to have paranormal experiences. If you think that you may be an empath, here are some things you need to know.

Signs That Indicate That You Are An Empath
There are a few clear signs that indicate that you are an empath. Two of the main indicators are extra sensory perception of any kind and mystical experiences of any kind, as empaths tend to be more emotionally in touch with their environment and everything around them.

Why Are You An Empath?
Recent research has found that both the heart and the brain create electromagnetic fields, and the HeartMath Institute believe that the fields are used to transmit information about thoughts and emotions. It is possible that empaths are more sensitive to this information than other people.

It is also very likely that electromagnetic fields around the sun and earth also affect empaths more than the average person. This could mean that when the electromagnetic fields around the earth and sun change, the state of an empath’s mind and emotional state may also change.

Neuroscience also offers the suggestion of mirror cell theory. Mirror cells are those that make it possible for humans to mirror emotions, allowing them to feel another person’s joy or sadness. As empaths are very emotionally sensitive it is likely that they have hyper-responsive mirror neurons. This could be why empaths are driven to help other people.

The final theory is increased dopamine sensitivity. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter than increases neuron activity, and research has found that introverted empaths have a higher sensitivity to dopamine than people who are extroverted.


How To Live A Happy Life
It can be tough to be an empath, but it is very possible for you to live a happy life – you simply need to put your own needs first. This means that you can be there for others without risking your own happiness. This may feel difficult to begin with, but if you set boundaries it will be easier for you to spend time with your loved ones. You should also be aware of your limitations.


By Sally Keys



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