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What to Expect After a Clearing or Cleansing of Your Home or Business



People often ask what to expect after a spiritual cleansing of a location takes place where a ghost or other entity is released or removed and if the results are immediate.


A ghost/lost soul/earthbound spirit is a person who has passed on/died and remains a living being who remains strongly attached to the living realm by some form of emotional force or trauma.  Often ghosts do not realize that they have died and go about their daily lives without interference.  Other ghosts will try to interact with the living and their everyday life.


In many cases, the effect is immediate and activity that was once observed ceases with no additional experiences being reported.  In other cases, it can sometimes take between 3 to 15 days on average to see complete results.  In those cases where it may take a few days, people, and especially those people who are themselves sensitive, may hear noises or see shadows more than usual due to an ongoing process of a ghost being aided by higher realms to prepare them for ascension.  Often mediums will ask their guides, angels or a higher power to stay behind and help prepare a ghost for transition. Don't be alarmed, this is normal and not witnessed in most cases!

It is recommended that you not speak of the clearing, nor say the names of the trapped souls, during the 3 to 15 days. This is out of respect for the lost souls that did not realize they were dead or perhaps know how to move to higher levels when they passed. By speaking of them, you may unintentionally pull them back to the place they knew.  So to keeping silent is important during this period.  
During and after the 15 days, it's very important to keep the positive energy up in your home or business. This will give you empowerment! Since this is the place where you eat/sleep/pray/play, this is your sanctuary and you are making claim to it.  Out with old energies and in with the new!

How to keep the energies up in your home or business:
I like to recommend a House Blessing by a Priest/Pastor/Clergy which will seal the home with protection and release any residue of negative energies.  Holy water is highly recommended.  Holy water can usually be obtained at your local church.  You can place the holy water in a spray bottle and spray around the home when needed.

Burning incense is another method that can easily be applied. Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Sage are all great to work with.

Scented candles such as cinnamon, sage, evergreen and eucalyptus are recommended and have a similar effect as incense.

Smudging and prayer is highly recommended (23rd Psalm, Hail Mary, Our Father or the prayer to Archangel Michael) for each room or around the location where you feel it is needed. It is recommended to be repeated at least two times a month as this will clear out any residual negativity that is stuck.


Playing classical music or sounds of nature recordings around the home or business when you are not home or the business is unoccupied will also lift energies.

As you practice these methods, you will become more in tune with your home and instinctively know when your home needs to be cleansed again.

Even in homes or businesses with no paranormal activity, it is a great idea to adopt these practices.  Keep the positive energy flowing!

If you need supplies:
You can go to your local candle shop for scented candles.
Smudging supplies and Incense can be readily found online or at a variety of holistic or all natural type stores more locally.

Please practice CAUTION when working with burning material, never leaving it unattended!

If there are high EMF'S at your location, we recommend looking into  They will have what you need to help safely repel EM fields in your home.

The effects of high EMF'S include what is called, "The Fear Cage", a term used to describe confined areas, hallways, basements, offices, bedrooms, etc., where very high Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are found. This combination of being exposed and confined in high EMF'S can result in feelings of uneasiness, anxiety, restlessness, feelings of being watched or touched, seeing apparitions, uncontrollable fear or paranoia.  If there are high EMF'S in the bedroom, you can feel all the above in addition to sleep paralysis with nightmares.  All the above may make you believe there is a haunting at your location when there is not.
Due to the historical nature of the grounds and surrounding area, you may experience some residual activity from time to time.  This is natural! If you are uncomfortable with such activity, practice the above and with time, it should subside. Please do not engage the energy, it is not aware of you.  JUST PRACTICE THE ABOVE!
Do not practice Ouija board or recording audio for voices in the home unless you understand the rules and how to properly close down the sessions and cleanse because this can start activity once again.
And finally, meditation is highly recommended!  Look on line for “chakra meditations” to help raise and strengthen your personal energy.



  By Virginiarose Centrillo - Psychic Medium for the PPA


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