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Paranormal Equipment

Our DVR recording system with infrared technology allows our investigators to observe and record in low light or total darkness with great clarity while being able to maintain our normal sight in darkness which is often used to look for anything paranormal that clients report seeing in the dark. The IR cameras are normally placed in the “hot-spot” areas as related by our clients and act as our eyes when we are not in a room. We try to record anything that would lead our investigators to logical explanations of activity or evidence of a haunting such as apparitions, black masses or items moving in a room by themselves.

The PPA uses it's thermal imaging camera to detect anomalous heat and cold signatures. It is believed that spirits can affect the environment and one of the indicators looked at is temperature. The thermal camera can give a dementional view of temperature differentials in the shape of a form such as a human. It can also be used as a type of thermometer to measure the temperature it is focusing on such as a cold or hot area on a person or on an object. The camera can save thermal pictures or video of anomalous objects for later review and gives a completely different perspective of looking at a location.  Thermal cameras act much like a visual non-contact thermometer.

Current findings coming out of scientific studies conducted at locations with paranormal activity are indicating that the air ion count will have dramatic increases prior to or during a paranormal event. The ion count in the air can be monitored and when readings start to show a significant increase with no normal causes, other environmental conditions should also be looked at and investigators should keep a heads up for any type of activity to begin in that area. Air ion counters can also help identify some natural conditions in a location, such as the presence of radon in a basement or lower level that could cause false perceptions of paranormal events or even health hazards.

Gauss meters, also referred to as EMF detectors are used to conduct sweeps of a location to find sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF’S). EMF’S are naturally occurring in nature but are also produced by anything electrical such as power lines, alarm clocks and kitchen appliances. Studies show that exposure to high levels of EMF’S can cause anxiety, headaches, feeling of being watched and other health problems. Some theories say that high levels of EMF’S can also act like a catalyst for paranormal activity and abnormal spikes can indicate activity that is presently occurring.


Spontaneous light emissions have been reported by many people who also believe that they have paranormal activity happening at their location. Reports of light flashes, orbs, illuminated beings and other light anomalies frequently go hand in hand with locations experiencing paranormal activity. On the flip side, may people report seeing dark shadows, black masses and shadow figures.  By using a light meter, a baseline can be determined for the amount of ambient light in a room and then monitored for any changes that might occur as a result of any of the reported light disturbances. Light meters generally measure in Lux or Footcandle  and are a great resource to corroborate other technical readings.

Our group uses a variety of camcorders with nightshot technology by Sony along with IR boosters for larger spaces which enables us to use handheld equipment to record video in near dark or total darkness. We use these camcorders to go mobile or as stationary cameras on tripods in places we can not get our hardwire DVR/IR cameras into. The camcorders also act as a log of events as we go through a building conducting the investigation along with being another control device we can compare different audio recordings against.

PPA Olympus recorders
We also use a variety of digital audio recorders in an attempt to capture disembodied voices. These are voices that can be heard but don’t belong to any person who is present at the time of the recording.  Digital recorders often capture “EVP’S” or electronic voice phenomena which are voices that are captured on the recorder but can’t be heard by investigators at the time of the investigation. Noises that clients report hearing such as footsteps or knocking can also be captured by audio and later reviewed to help try and track down the source.  The PPA is currently working with Olympus digital linear PCM recorders to capture the most true to life sound recordings possible.  We have found it essential to be able to account for every sound made while investigating to avoid misreading contamination as false EVP'S.  To learn more about  Olympus PCM recorders, click on the Olympus logo.  We recommend using external dynamic microphones in conjunction with any recorders to maximize the potential of capturing  quality EVP'S.

The PPA is continually looking to new and  experimental methods of capturing  paranormal  evidence. We are currently  employing lasers, such  as this simple laser  line, that can be placed in a  room projecting a  straight line across an entire  wall. In theory, if  something has enough mass it  should be  able to break the line viewed on the wall and  show movement through the laser. Clients  often report seeing black masses that block  out light when they pass in front of them and we hope to capture this experience through the use of lasers. Lasers are also highly visible when viewed by IR cameras and record well on a DVR system.

Bellow is one of our laser grids that can also track movement and size and speed of an object through the grid.   To the lower right is a laser "trip wire" that emits an audible alarm if the laser beam is broken.

Many times, clients will show us still photos with anomalous objects in them such as dark masses, shadows, mist figures and orbs. While many anomalies can be easily explained as normally occurring disturbances that occur while taking pictures, some can not. The PPA uses still photography in an attempt to capture some of the dark masses or even apparitions that our clients have caught on film. We also take a series of initial “baseline” photos to refer back to for comparison when we find something out of the ordinary on our DVR, camcorder or still picture recordings to try and rule out any logical explanations for the occurrence.

Many times our clients report feeling cold spots in their home or business. Some people believe that if a spirit is present and trying to manifest itself, it draws energy from the environment resulting in a loss of heat and creating a cold spot. The PPA often uses ambient air thermometers such as this to measure areas that are believed to be cold spots. This particular device is also an anemometer which measures air currents such as breezes and air flow from windows, air conditioners, fans or any other device that may make a breeze. This helps us track down sources of cold spots.

Various types of motion detectors are often deployed by our investigators in areas of reported activity and in particular, areas where clients report seeing moving shadows or doors opening or closing by themselves. Our goal is to try and detect any movement prior to or during the event.

This is one of our combination EMF Detector/Thermometers that allow us to measure electromagnetic fields while watching for changes in air temperature with a Type K probe attached for fast and accurate readings of ambient air. These two devices in one make it very ideal for paranormal researchers to gather environmental conditions of a location.

This particular Mel-Meter can also generate it's own magnetic field around the meter.  When a separate magnetic field enters its zone of influence, the Mel-Meter will detect the change and give an audible and visual signal that the field has been affected.

New theroies are being tested and some research has shown that during a paranormal event, very low frequency EMF fields are generated.  An oscilloscope can be used with an ELF sensor to measure the frequency of an EMF wave to identify these very low frequencies.  Based on the idea that EVP'S are contained in EMF waves allowing them to be picked up more significalty by dynamic microphones, a microphone of that type can be used with an audio recorder in conjunction with the sensor as you see here to try and capture EMF EVP'S while monitoring low frequency EMF waves.

Based on new theories with a foundation in mechanical physics and a supergeometric framework for physical matter and superphysical substance, The PPA is looking at applying these theories to paranormal research in which there is an assumption that when a paranormal event occurs, there may be a bending of space-time at that physical location in which a type of bubble or wormhole (Vortex) is created in which physical matter starts to compound into a form as it slows to a vibration below the speed of light. As that bubble is created at very fast speeds, there may be a change of internal pressure within the bubble as compared to stabilized room pressure which would be measurable with a barometer such as this. Once the paranormal event has ended, moved away or stabilized, the pressure should once again return to or near the initial barometric pressure reading it started at.  This rapid drop in barometric pressure within the bubble would also account for a rapid drop in temperature in that particular area.  This could also result in the reported cold spots that many people report feeling as well as creating a "breeze"  that others report in these areas due to vacume pressure. 

A Radiating Electromagnetic Pod radiates its own independent electromagnetic field around itself.  The EM Field can then be influenced by any material or matter that conducts electricity.  When this occurs, the Pod will detect any energy disturbance or fluctuations around the antenna and produce an audible alert tone and visual light signal to let researchers know that there was a disturbance near the sensor. REM-Pods can be placed in various locations throughout a building to monitor energy disturbances or placed in sequence in hallways or stairwells to observe movement through these areas.

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